International Women’s Day

Have you ever stopped to actually think how many amazing women are in your life? I have been #blessed with amazing females in my life who have always supported and encouraged me to follow my dreams and who have been role models for me along the way.

My best friend is relentless in ensuring I am I fully aware at all times of how amazing I am. She is Leslie Knope in the best way because she sees me as a tropical land mermaid, which she likes to remind me on a nearly daily basis. We all need someone like her in our lives.

My former boss is such a kick ass woman. She’s like the older and experienced cousin relationship I never got to have; she’s done the corporate job ladder, quit to have a family, etc etc and never fails to tell our group the truth about everything, and I mean things about having babies that I didn’t even know were possible.

My coworkers are utterly amazing and ALL women. It’s so inspiring to see them all fiercely working and unapologetically being the bad ass women they are. Also big shoutout to my former coworkers, they also inspired me and encouraged me to be the best version of myself I could be.

To my mother who always supported me in whatever crazy thing I wanted to do. Thank you for loving me no matter what, you’ll always be my favorite woman.

Honestly I could go ON AND ON. I could thank Taylor Swift for being a role model and showing me how to stop trying to be the nice girl, the good girl who does what everyone expects of her. I could thank RBG, well for being RBG. Sophia Bush for teaching me to think about big questions and challenge unrealistic ways of thinking. My aunts, grandmothers, childhood friends, college friends, my boyfriend’s mom, aunt, sister in law, and cousins, the list goes on and I can’t ever summarize how all these strong women have impacted my life and how thankful I am for them to be in my life.

I encourage you to reach out thank some of the women in your life today. Think about how your life would be different without them in it and how they were there for you.

Happy International Women’s Day!


Sara Ann

Opinion on Other Opinions: Women in Society.

For those of you who have not read the article, “When Kylie Jenner Challenged Sadie, Her Response was Brutally Honest,” please follow the link through to do so.

For those of you who have read it, I’m going to voice my opinion on this article. To be quite honest, I one hundred percent agree with the author of the article. The author makes 8 very valid points as to why young teens should look up to Sadie Robertson as a role model versus the somewhat scandalous Jenner. I’m in my twenties and I’d rather take a few lessons from Sadie than Kylie. I find myself wanting to read Sadie’s book over wanting to make my lips appear ten sizes larger.


The article highlights exactly what is wrong with our society. As a society, we constantly put women up against one another, in a fight to the death competition of who is better, or prettier or thinner. These girls are both 17. Seventeen! We should not be comparing why one is better than the other. Neither is better, neither is worse. They both live a life of fame and each have responded differently to their surroundings. Kylie was raised in California with sisters who are currently in their thirties. She’s probably seen and heard a lot from them, which would explain why she acts so mature. She has four older sisters to model herself after (five if you count Kris Jenner), who are all strong and beautiful women with a drive to find success. And Sadie’s family has found a way to remain humble and generous with their rise to fame. She grew up in a strong Christian family in Louisiana, whose laid back and low maintenance lifestyle is to be expected.

So, why are we comparing them? They have grown up and been exposed to different surroundings.They have had different experiences and each have their own story to tell. At the end of the day, who is anyone to say that one is better than the other?

We need to put a stop to this constant comparison of women in our culture and start celebrating women, of all ages. Sadie has a prom gown line, a best selling book and has accomplished so much at the age of 17. Kylie is an up and coming model, with a clothing line at PacSun and is already making a name for herself in the celebrity world. Good for them. Both of them. They are both amazing and should be applauded.

What do you think, Reader? Is the article right to compare the two?

Let me know!

Love, B.

What’s So Great About Her?

“I’m not as pretty as her”

“She’s so skinny, look at her thigh gap. I wish my thighs didn’t touch, she’s perfect.”

“Look at all those guys around her, slut.”

I’m calling out my sex for their horrible habits. For one thing, we constantly compare ourselves to other women. Why? Why do we have nothing better to do than sit around and pick at other people’s imperfections/perfections? Does it matter if I have a thigh gap? Does it matter that the girl next to me has long and toned legs while the next girl has a large chest? Oh, but it gets worse. Once we’ve picked out how they’re better than us, we complain to the nearest female about it.


I feel like our culture has programmed us to spend more of our time focusing on other people and their appearance or lives rather than focusing on our own. Imagine if we channeled the energy we usually used for judging and gossiping about others into our own work, personalities or relationships. I bet we’d get a lot more accomplished and our personalities would rock. We wouldn’t have time to be judgmental jerks. And I bet we’d all have higher self esteems if instead of judging each other, we congratulated each other.

Let’s start celebrating other women and their bodies and personalities and hair and faces and curves and lack of curves and talents and skills and everything. Why is it impossible for us to step out of the race of being the best female alive and work together on finishing the race?

I wish it were that simple, I really do. Reader, I want to make a promise to you, that I will try my very darnest not to judge anyone, especially other women. Reader, I hope that you can do the same. If a mean thought pops into your head about another female, stop and look at her and try to pick out something good, like she has really cute shoes! Then try and tell her that exact thought. Maybe it will help encourage her to support other women. And maybe, just maybe, we can stop judging each other and create something beautiful.

Stay beautiful!

Love, B.