My 2 Month Spending Fast


Some people go on fasts to diet and lose weight. Others fast for various reasons that coincide with a religion or spiritual group. I am fasting from spending money on unnecessary things. Clothes, shoes, makeup, and the list goes on; I spend endless amounts on things that I barely use or wear. Starting yesterday, September 1st, I will be refraining from purchases that are not necessary so I can hopefully increase my savings and learn to budget. The goal? Not spend until November 1st. Yes, that’s two months of not swiping my card or having packages delivered to my house. Am I going to die? Probably.

Recently, I became oddly aware of the fact that I am horrible with money. The only thing I’m good at doing with money is spending it. I don’t know how to budget, pay off debt, make an IRA, ANYTHING. I decided that going on a spending cleanse was my best option. I hope to figure out why I constantly feel a need to buy new things, and how I can improve my financial status. As a young twenty something, I feel like it’s still somewhat acceptable for me to be reckless; however, as I approach my 25th year, I feel that I need to start getting a few things in order.

(“Can she do it? How long will she last? Stay tuned, folks.” -the announcer of my life, if I had one).


Adventures in Bumble Dating: Pt.2

Note: This is a continuation from a previous post, please read part 1 here. This post was originally written in May 2016; I found it in my drafts and felt it needed to be shared. I am currently in a relationship, praise be I don’t have to swipe right and left, but to all my single ladies, this is for you.

Source: Pinterest

Week 3

I was back in the city and it was my oyster…except it wasn’t. I got freakishly afraid of swiping right on any guy for fear of having to talk to them and eventually go on a date. It’s been YEARS since my last date, YEARS since a guy has even held my hand. After a chat on Friday night with another single lady friend, she commented that most everyone on dating apps was looking for something casual, someone to talk to, and maybe it could go to be serious. Hm. So, on Saturday, I started swiping again (no matches). I tried not to be picky, but I am who I am.

List of things on a Guy’s Bumble Page that usually make me swipe LEFT:

  • Photo of a child (when left undefined as his own or not), sorry I’m not ready for that. AT ALL.
  • A nice photo of him doing a keg stand. SWOON.
  • Any sort of laaame joke in the description; I know you’re trying to make light of an awkward situation, but I know to know something about you!
  • Is he holding a dead animal, fish, or any other creature?
  • No description AT ALL. (Bonus, he only has 1 photo that either a. is very close up of his face  or b. is a whole group of guys, in addition to no description)
  • He has his arm around other girls in photos. Is that his ex? She’s so pretty. Like how am I supposed to compete with that? Even if she’s not his ex, he has really pretty friends, why aren’t they dating. HM….

 Week 4

I got a few matches; however, I either chickened out when time came to message them or I couldn’t think of a witty opener. I mean, how do you send something that’s interesting and makes you stand out among the 15 other matches he probably has? SO MUCH ANXIETY. To all men that I expect to make the first move, I’m sorry, it sucks to be you, truly.


After awkward chats with a few guys that never went anywhere, I decided to stop swiping right and left. No, I didn’t delete the app entirely, as what else am I supposed to do on a Saturday night when I’m half a bottle of wine deep? DUH. I just realized that dating apps might not be for me, in any serious manner anyway. Will I give up on dating? Possibly, I did Google search local cats in the area to adopt as I’ll need to start one of these days. I do know that whether I’m single or in a relationship, I’m going to be myself and I’m going to be happy, because my happiness depends on me and my love for myself.

If you’re thinking of using Bumble, I would say go for it. Just because it wasn’t for me, doesn’t mean it might not be for you. Having the control of which guys were able to chat with you was nice for a change. Who knows, maybe you’ll try it and after 4 weeks realize it isn’t for you either, or you could find the love of your life. You do you, and just be sure not to forget to love yourself in the process.

2nd note: I started talking to my boyfriend three weeks after I wrote this. I would like to thank my lame Bumble experience for allowing me to still be single when he finally made a move on me. I guess some things just happen for a reason.


Adventures in Bumble Dating: Pt. 1

Note: This post was originally written in May 2016; I found it in my drafts and felt it needed to be shared. I am currently in a relationship, praise be I don’t have to swipe right and left, but to all my single ladies, this is for you.

Source: Pinterest

Single. I have always been single (or at least, it seems like I have). I’ve never had a Valentine, or a kiss on New Years. My mom is my emergency contact and I have dozens of cat names saved in a file on my desktop, you know, for the inevitable. This past year, I said screw it, and I embraced being single. I rocked being single. I was like THE ultimate single girl. But recently, I realized I was a little too comfortable in my singleness and thought I might dabble in dating (this was a result of a glass of wine…or 4).

Obviously, in this day and age, my immediate reaction was to go to my app store. Tinder? Eck. Hinge? Ehhh. Bumble? Hm Bumble. I got the power to choose who I talked to. I liked that. Bumble it was.

Week 1

I created an account on a Sunday night when boredom set in and yet another episode of New Girl started to roll. I choose a few pictures from Facebook, just my A game selfies and a few pics with work friends. I like to have fun! they exclaimed to the eye of the beholder. Then, it prompted me to give a description. I hate descriptions, loathe them entirely. I don’t find my self as nearly as exciting as others do; I once described myself as vanilla to my coworkers and I was nearly crucified for being that self deprecating.

In that moment, I skipped the description. I then settled in, swiping left and right, evaluating pictures and descriptions…not getting a single match. I will add here that I am a bit picky and my left to right swipe ratio was probably shifted much more to swiping left.

Four days later and still no matches. Was I doing this right?

Week 2

Finally, matches! Now I have to add that I went home to my small hometown on Thursday and spent the weekend in that pool of Bumble users. This could have affected my results, as the pool of dating is smaller in my hometown and surrounding area so guys may or may not have lower standards. Not saying I’m low standard, but choosing out of, say, 70 girls versus choosing out of 300 girls, there’s a big difference and one can afford to be more choosy in a big city. That is just fact (Also, I’m like a solid 9 in my hometown, current city I live in, I’m a 6, sometimes 7. Just another fact).

While I was home, I also had time to think (and think and think) of a description, hooray! I personally  think it read that I was easy going, enjoyed the little things, and didn’t mind admitting I was a basic bitch.

Doughnut enthusiast, sometimes painter, and unapologetic Starbucks lover. Kindness is my favorite quality and laughing is my favorite hobby. 

See list of also incredible, but unfortunately rejected one line descriptions below:

  • Netflix enthusiast
  • Lil Sebastian fan
  • I probably drink too much pink wine
  • Basic AF
  • Naps are better than people
  • Future Cat Lady
  • Sometimes shopaholic
  • Real Life Woo Girl
  • I work in Men’s underwear, let’s chat.

‘….Did her witty description work? Did the mass incoming flow of matches crash her phone? Did she find love on Bumble?’

‘…..Tune in next week for part 2!’

A Basic B Abroad: Munich 

Oh, Munich! This place actually might have stolen my heart. We spent 5 days here and while there weren’t as many attractions as our other stops, I found this city to be the best! It was easy to navigate, the people were friendly, and the city was absolutely beautiful. The main reason we stopped here was to go to Oktoberfest, but we also got to tour the Bavarian Alps, and see Dachau, the concentration camp near the city.


We went on the Friday of the 2nd weekend of Oktoberfest (Italian Weekend). I would highly recommend going during the week, or on a Friday. For reference, we got there at 8:30 (Doors to the tents don’t open until 10), but we probably would have been safe getting there before 9:30. It was crowded, but we had no problem getting a place at table in the Hofbrauhaus tent. This tent is quite rowdy; it seemed like most of the American students who were studying abroad wound up here.

Beer is served in a Mass, which is a liter glass, with the equivalent of 4 AMERICAN shots worth of alcohol. My only advice is to PACE YOURSELF. Have a beer, eat a pretzel or sandwich, then maybe have a Radler before your next mass. There are people walking around with foods inside the tents so it’s easy to grab food. It’s cash only too, so make sure you get plenty out before going. For reference, I had about 80 euros with me (and I barely spent any as we ended up at a table with a bachelor party….they bought all our drinks….hehehe).

Also, don’t forget that Oktoberfest is actually a festival. There is also plenty of food and rides outside of the beer tents to enjoy. I would recommend doing the Ferris wheel, as it gives you a great view of the city.

The City of Munich & Beyond

The next day, we explored the city. Marenplatz is the town center, with plenty of churches, restaurants and stores to explore. I think we went there nearly everyday for food. Then on Sunday, we got to take a trip to the Bavarian Alps to see the Neuschwanstein castle, which was Disney’s inspiration for the Beauty and the Beast castle. See photos below.

Finally, on Monday, we went to visit Dachau. I don’t have much to say other than that I will ever forget the feeling in the air at that place. It was hauntingly beautiful as we were there on a balmy 70 day and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, but the atmosphere, it was heavy. I would definitely suggest stopping by, but it’s a bit of a day trip as it’s outside the city.

Tips for Munich

  • Please stay with Laura and Kevin (and Mimi and Cooper!) Laura was THE BEST, seriously I want to be her friend. She gave great tips and advice for what to see and where to go. Plus their place is a quick bus ride away from Marenplatz. Also, coming home after a busy day to see Mimi and Cooper was so great. If you stay with them, please give the cats a scratch for me!
  • If you’re a girl heading to Oktoberfest, stop by Moser Trachten for a traditional Bavarian dirndl. Your dress should hit around your knee, any shorter and everyone will know you’re a tourist. Tie the apron on the right if you’re in a relationship and left if you’re single.
  • Download the MVG Fahrinfo Munchen App and pre-buy your day passes for the buses and trains. This made life SO much easier; although, you don’t have to show your ticket to get on or off the buses…
  • For the tour of the Bavarian Alps, please do book with Mario at Pure Bavaria Tours. He was  fantastic tour guide and we stopped at a cheese farm on the way back home, ugh I still think about that yummy cheese from time to time.
  • On our last night, we ate at hans im glick, a restaurant in Marenplatz. It was  burgers a fries kind of place and after being in Europe for 10 days, it was exactly what I was dying to eat.

And that’s the end of my trip. We flew back to London and then out of Heathrow to the States. I’ll never forget all the amazing things I saw on this trip and I honestly can’t wait to see where I’ll go next…



A Basic B Abroad: Amsterdam

After 3 days in London, we were off to Amsterdam. We stayed in uptown, where Vondelpark and the Rijks reside. While in Uptown, we enjoyed a stroll through Vondelpark as well as a few hours in the Rijksmuseum. I would highly recommend going to see the famous art museum; however, we spent about three hours there and only got through 1 and 1/2 floors.

Sights around Amsterdam

Unfortunately, on the 2nd day, I got food poisoning and very much did not enjoy getting lost in Amsterdam. The city, specifically downtown, is quite confusing with canals; however, it is extremely magnificent and I often find myself thinking about the beauty of the winding canals around the whole city.

FIOS BENCH ❤ (see my Longchamp, white Converse & Starbucks…basic AF)

Of course we found the Fault in our Stars bench, like did you think I would thousands of miles across the world and not stop at the bench where Hazel and Augustus sat?! We also stopped by the floating flower market, ate stroopwafel and finally found the Anne Frank House. Would highly recommend pre-buying your tickets online, as we stood in line for over an hour.

Other Tips:

  • If you’re traveling to Amsterdam, I would either go with a tour group or pre-plan the heck out of this trip. We wasted so much time wandering around, literally lost. It haunts me the number of things we probably didn’t get to see or do because we were wandering around trying to find a place or attraction.
  • Take a canal boat tour, we did ours at night and it was so beautiful to see the city all lit up!
  • Tulips are not in season in the fall, if that’s what you wanted to see (major bummer)
  • We didn’t participate in the, err, coffee shops, but if that’s what you’re into, they’re literally everywhere. Can get pre-rolled or loose. Whichever you fancy.
  • We stayed at the Flying Pig Uptown Hostel, would definitely recommend. They do city walking tours and have a decent free brunch to start your day!