Books of the Month: September 2021

I was writing my October post and realized this was still saved in my drafts (fully written), but never published. @ past Sara, what are you doing? So publishing this a month late, apologies but better late than never I guess?

And Every Morning the Way Home Gets Longer and Longer was a novella that made me WEEP. It’s a very quick read but it’s about a man who has alzheimer’s and is slowly forgetting things as he fervently tries to hold onto the memories from his life. It was beautiful and I love the way Backman created memories as a town square in your mind? Like I said, TEARS.

One Two Three was another knockout from Laurie Frankel that tackles a story about a small town that was taken advantage of by a chemical plant, leaving thousands dead or ill in their wake. One, Two, and Three are triplets that are born during the chemical leak; Two and Three have mental and physical deformities, respectively. It was a beautiful story about sisters, first loves, and ableism. It was tragic but also made me think about hard topics in only a way Frankel can do.

Home Before Dark was my first Sager book and just in time for spooky season, it really knocked my socks off, though it very much reminded me of Hill House from Netflix? Same concept, family moves into spooky old home, weird things keep happening, they flee in the middle of the night and never return. Maggie was a child when they fled but now as an adult, her dad has passed and she has to deal with the house and all the horrors inside that she only really knows of from the book her dad wrote about their experience. Overall, I really liked it, there were tons of twists I didn’t see coming, but I couldn’t read it before I went to bed (paranormal stuff gets me), and this book made it all seem very real…

Lock Every Door was my favorite Sager book of the two; Jules is broke, orphaned, heartbroken and needs a place to live. After getting a job for an apartment sitting position in a famed NYC building, she feels like she might finally get her footing when strange things start happening and her overly friendly neighbor goes missing. Soon, the building and its tenants reveal themselves to be something else entirely. Again, there were a lot of twists in this book, but the truth of what was happening in that building was MESSED UP. Like makes me concerned for Sager’s imagination, what was his inspiration, did this really happen?!? But 10/10 would read again!

Arsenic and Adobo was a quick read; Lila returns home heartbroken after leaving the big city to help her aunt run their family restaurant. One day, her ex boyfriend, a local food critic who’s been criticizing their restaurant comes in for a meal that ends up being his last. Lila and her family are instantly suspects in his death and Lila races against time to find the truth. This book was like a 3 for me? It was a cute quick read but it reminded me a lot of The Marriage Game? Though I really like that Lila didn’t end up with anyone in the end, she was just focusing on opening a cafe with her best friend, which WE ARE HERE FOR. Also, I think her wiener dog could have gotten more air time, idk.

And Every Morning the Way Home Gets Longer and Longer by Fredrik Backman

One Two Three by Laurie Frankel

Home Before Dark by Riley Sager

Lock Every Door by Riley Sager

Arsenic and Adobo by Mia P. Manansala


Sara Ann