Some Exciting News From Your Favorite Basic Blogger…

Dear Reader,

I want to share some very exciting news with you!! After graduating with two bachelor’s degrees in May and tirelessly applying to jobs all summer, I have accepted an entry level job in the corporate fashion industry and am moving to Columbus, Ohio!

I am so very excited and I cannot wait to begin this new journey. I hope you’ll stay with me as I officially navigate the world of adulthood. I want to thank all my followers, whoever you are, know that I’m thankful for you reading about my basic life week after week. If you have any advice, or tips for living in Columbus, I’d love to hear it in the comment section below!

Wish me luck!

Love, B.

10 Basic Things from this Week (8/22)

  1. PSLs are out Sept. 8th. Basic ladies, rejoice, we have reached the promised land once again (also, NBC News, thanks for the hard hitting news updates).
  2. Taylor Swift got a banner at Staples Center, surprised by Kobe Bryant, also slays half of fan base with an acoustic ‘All Too Well’ #RIPMe
  3. A new American Girl doll will be coming out and she doesn’t seem so sparky or pizzazz-y to me. Hm, AG, my vote is still out on this girl, but I’ll wait til she’s out to officially cast my vote.
  4. The most important quiz you will ever take. (I got Cotton Candy–You are the Nicki Minaj of Frappuccinos…)
  5. I wish I went to this high school.
  6. For my fellow INFJs, I understand the struggle, these are so on point.
  7. JOJO IS BACK. and with three singles, thank God. My inner early 2000’s preteen is giddy with excitement.
  8. Also in music, 1D has a new video (without Zayn) and don’t lie that you don’t endlessly replay their tunes, because sh*tty pop music makes the world go ’round.
  9. How to Write a Rockstar Twitter Bio, which is hella important to know.
  10. If these rumors are true, homegirl is switching from Android to Apple ASAP.

Hope you have a beautiful weekend, Reader!

Love, B.