Sincerely Seven: Week 1

The first week of 2021 was….a disaster, if you ask me. Dozens of things happened in America, including a failed coupe organized by the president, and on top of that, I think I got COVID (pending results), but 2 people in my household have it, so I think it’s safe to assume that my cough, congestion and fever aren’t random happenstance. I also think I’m coming onto the other side of it now, but I’m so ready to feel normal again. And by normal I mean not have a stuffy nose and random bouts of tiredness throughout the day. Part of me is glad I got it though, I don’t have to be a paranoid hypochondriac for the next 3 months.

Aurora + Grogu

Here’s what got me through the week:

  1. Simon Basset from Bridgerton. I binged the show this week whilst lying on the couch and damn, that man puts all of Jane Austen’s leading men to shame. Need to read the books ASAP and see if Quinn’s character is truly so suave and charming.
  2. Also regarding Bridgerton, you know how much I love costume design, I devoured this interview with Bridgerton costume designer,  Ellen Mirojnick. I love how they continue to tell more of the story through costumes, especially in these historical pieces.
  3. I’m sure we’re all still shaken from the events that happened this week, I know I am. I’m also wondering when we’ll no longer have to live through these national historical moments (sometimes multiple at a time) AND be expected to keep working (#captialism). I really liked this article about coping during these hard times, especially at work. I’ve been told multiple times to limit media exposure to a certain amount of time as to not overwhelm, but haven’t been very good about it. I definitely need to try this more often in the new year.
  4. In some good news from this week, the democrats flipped the senate after Warnock and Ossoff won their races in Georgia. Good riddance to senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, literally no one will miss you.
  5. I spent a lot of time this week watching HGTV, and just home reno things in general. I went down a rabbit hole looking on AD and dwell, and fell in love with this Malibu mid century home. Really loved how the laundry and powder room are hidden off the kitchen, plus that shower is to die for.
  6. Anyone who knows me, knows I love a good robe. My current robe is from FabFitFun’s brand, Summer and Rose, from the Winter 2020 box. It’s SO cozy (and needs washed after I lived it in this week). I also want to buy all the robes off this list, especially the barefoot dreams robe.
  7. Sick with COVID? Living in the cold? Here’s a quick and easy chicken noodle soup recipe that that kept me alive this week.

I hope the second week of 2021 is better than the first. And reader, don’t forget to wash your hands and wear a damn mask.


Sara Ann

Sincerely Seven: Week 52

I hope everyone had a good week. I know for me, the last seven days flew by! I spent time with my parents, baking (too many) cookies and enjoying some (distanced) time with family. I’m dreading getting back to work tomorrow, but at least it’s a four day week, right? And this horrible year comes to an END? I cannot even fathom 2020 being over, since it feels like it’s been 5 years long, but we’re here you guys, we are so close to the end!

Christmas Cookie Boxes I Made

Here are the things that got me through this week:

  1. Has anyone watched Bridgerton yet on Netflix? I haven’t, but it’s on my list to watch next! I saw this this article about how they redid a bunch of modern pop songs as classical songs for the show, and I’m dying bc that’s my favorite genre. Watching ASAP (also want to read the books ASAP)!
  2. Are you organized and like to write out your to do’s for the day or week in a planner? I know I do! Love this list of the best planners, according to productivity experts. Also, if you’re into wine, the best wine clubs picked by sommeliers.
  3. If you’ve ever been to Columbus, OH, you may have stopped by Fox in the Snow for coffee and pastries. The owners have been releasing some pastry recipes since early Spring, and this week’s release is blueberry hand pies. Uhm, YES PLEASE.
  4. Speaking of cooking, loved these ideas for a healthy meal when you can’t stand to look at another Christmas cookie. *raises hand*
  5. My hands have been SO dry since I’ve been back east, this Cera Ve cream is a literal lifesaver! Not a paid comment, seriously just want to share with you. You can feel it absorbing into your skin and my dry cracked hands were cleared and smooth within a few days of regular application.
  6. In case you had tons of gifts and bags full of used gift wrapping, please try to re-use any gift wrapping or bags (save the planet!). Loved these ideas, I personally always save and reuse gift bags, and any undamaged ribbon/bows.
  7. In case you need something new to watch if you’re not working this week, here are 18 shows and movies made by women in 2020. I personally love Sex Education, Happiest Season and Insecure, and I really want to watch The Flight Attendant.

To all my followers, thanks for reading my posts in 2020, here’s to 2021!


Sara Ann

All Good Things Must End

Good morning, Reader!

I apologize for the small hiatus for the past week or so. Not only was I packing for my adult life, but I was swept away to the Upper East Side, totally engrossed in the scandal and romances of the elite. Okay, so I’m totally talking about Gossip Girl, which I was binge watching on Netflix. In my defense, you need to blow through season 5 (Dan +Blair, yuck), to reach #couplegoals of season 6 (Chair 4ever). Once you’re in season 6, it’s 10 episodes to the end, so naturally I had to watch several episodes in one sitting, hence my absence. I do apologize and I hope you’ll bear with me as I go through this rough patch. We’ve all been there, finished a series that you’ve devoted days, possibly weeks, of your life too…and then, it ends. For a bit, you feel lost, how will I go on without these people¬† who have become part of my life? How will I make it through the week without watching Blair and Chuck defy all odds to be together, or watch Serena with her latest fling (#hairgoals, though, amiright?), or watch Nate, well just staring at Nate really. What was the point of his character again? Regardless, it’s the end of a series and the promise of a new one tomorrow. So, I have three lined up and I’m hoping you’ll help me pick which one to start.

ScandalI’ve heard nothing but good things about this show from a lot of people. Olivia Pope is a badass superhero lawyer who has a great wardrobe. Like, so great there’s a collection at The Limited. This has the drama and scandal of Gossip Girl that I’m looking for. The pilot had me HOOKED. As in, move over Olivia Benson, I want to be Olivia Pope.

Grey’s AnatomyUgh, I know, I never watched it. Though, I totally know, McDreamy dies. Which is why I don’t really feel like watching it, I hate when I know the ending. But every person I’ve ever known has watched Grey’s and I haven’t heard one bad thing about it. It has drama and romance like GG, plus I used to love ER, so I’m intrigued. The pilot had me wanting to let auto play take control per usual so I could watch episode two.

ParenthoodTwo of my best friends have begged me to watch this show. They say they cry every episode and I only watched the pilot, but guess who was tearing up? Yes, yours truly could not handle the touchingly sad and all too real family moments. This pilot was my least favorite; however, I am intrigued by the family’s story just enough that I would consider watching the second episode before I scratched it off my list.

So, I’ve watched the pilot of each and I don’t know which to start. I was hoping you could help me out, Reader. Feel free to vote in the comments for your fav, I simply cannot decide. My future hangs in the balance, okay that’s dramatic, but seriously, I need a new binge watch.

Sending out an SOS and hoping someone gives me some grace and insight for my queue.

Love, B.

Chair, I’ll never forget you.