Vanity Upgrade

One of my favorite things in my room is my vanity, which also doubles as a desk (when I’m not working from bed). I am currently using a white desk that I got at Target, with a white mirror and lighted vanity make up mirror. Recently I decided to spice things up and add the marble top (marble is my new favorite). I bought this adhesive from Amazon, it was seriously so easy to apply! Would definitely recommend getting this for sprucing up an old space, plus it makes a great backdrop for photos!

Pinterest DIY: Bird Wall Art

Happy Tuesday, lovely Reader!

If you follow Beyond Basic on Instagram, then you probably saw my latest post from the weekend. I wanted the focus to be on the pumpkin candle, but I couldn’t stop looking at my wall art behind it! Here’s the Pinterest link where I got the inspiration for my wall art from a few years back.

birdartFor that project, I bought two canvas, black paint and Elmer’s Glue. I went old school and did a glue/water mixture, since I didn’t have time to find ModPodge. I also choose Vogue articles, since I loved the classic black and white pages, but you could do anything from book pages to dictionary pages to newspaper, whatever you fancy!

While the paper mache was drying overnight, I printed out birds like the tutorial suggests. After the canvas was completely dry, I traced everything on with pencil, then I outlined the tracing in black Sharpie just so I would be sure of where I was painting. I let that dry and voila! I’ve have them for three years now and I love them dearly.

Reader, have you done any DIY projects recently? I need new inspiration for some new apartment decor…let me know in the asks!

Love, B.