So Long Social Media


I decided earlier in May that for the month of June, I would remove social media apps from my phone. I realized I was too dependent on social media and my screen report made me cringe every Sunday when it popped up. Mixed with everything happening related to COVID, I wasn’t spending any time accomplishing anything, other than scrolling through social media on and off all day, everyday. A whole day would go by and I would realize it was 4 PM and I couldn’t think of a single thing I had accomplished. I was also getting angry seeing others post pictures of themselves back out in public, or with groups of friends, in close proximity and without masks.

It’s now been almost three weeks and honestly, I’m so mad I didn’t try it sooner. My evenings and weekends are so much more open, I can actually look back on my day and list off a number of things I accomplished, none of which involved my phone. I’ve had time to draw, time to take an online class, watch documentaries (and actually retain the information because I was paying attention). I’ve organized and cleaned more of my apartment, and spent more time reading the actual news, rather than what my friends were just posting about.

I also feel like I’ve cut down on my clothing spending, as I’m not seeing influencer’s posts and making impulse purchases, because I have to have that trendy item. I have increased my apartment decor/storage spending, so it’s really netting out, but still I consider it a win because I’m spending money on things that are actually necessary and useful, versus another dress to hang in my closet.

I still have two more weeks and I’m already sad that I am halfway finished. Maybe I’ll keep going into July as well, as I am afraid I’ll fall back into my lazy, aimlessly scrolling ways. If you are reading this like, ‘this girl is crazy, I could never delete my apps;’ I challenge you to try it for at least a day, or even a weekend, just to give yourself time to do things you’ve been meaning to do, and give your mind (and eyes) a break. I promise, you’ll survive and you don’t need to see that picture of your friend’s banana bread or your ex’s story of him out on a boat.

How does social media impact your life? Are you obsessed with it or couldn’t care less?

Sara Ann



That Time I Learned Hand Lettering

Hello, reader! When was the last time you learned something new? I recently undertook learning how to write in modern calligraphy, also known as hand or brush lettering. I had several friends who have been practicing for years and whose work I envied. I once won a hand writing award (cough, in third grade), and I thought, ‘hey, I could do that too!’


A few weeks later, I stumbled upon The Happy Ever Crafter’s online modern calligraphy class. It’s free to sign up and take part in the class, you only need to purchase the monthly workbooks which are under $10 on the 1st day she posts them. I would highly recommend this class if you want to learn modern calligraphy. Becca broke every letter down to the basic strokes that it is composed of.

a sample of my worksheets, breaking down the letter ‘a’

The 1st month is learning basic strokes, the second is lowercase and the third is upper case. The remaining 3 months are learning different techniques of connecting letters and writing words. It’s mostly a self taught class, with Becca posting some tutorial videos for further guidance. The main point of the class is to post in the Facebook group or on Instagram and connect with the lettering community.

Christmas cards I made this year

Overall, if you’re looking to start a new hobby, have a side hustle, or just have nicer writing, I would definitely recommend this class. If you do join Becca’s class, give my Instagram account, @scribbles_by_sara a follow, so I can see your work and progress!

Are you into hand lettering? Post your IG handle in the comments or check out my Instagram account!