Oh Screw Beautiful.

I like Meghan Trainor, but I LOVE her new song, ‘NO.’

Beyond the obvious feminist undertones, there’s one lyric that just speaks volumes to me and I want to scream it from a mountain top (to almost all guys, but especially one in particular).

“Call me beautiful, so original…”

Oh, you think I’m beautiful? Great. So does my grandma and my best friends and 89% of the guys I’ve ever encountered, big deal. When did guys get lazy? No, I’m serious, in this culture of ‘Swipe Right,’ guys have become so unoriginal and uncreative.

One guy has literally texted me some variation of, ‘hey what’s up?’ every week for the past 3 months. SO ORIGINAL. Nothing like a, ‘Hey what’s up?’ text to get me foaming at the mouth and running to meet up with him. There’s probably one thing better than a ‘Hey what’s up’ text, and that’s a ‘your beautiful‘ text. Grammatically incorrect and all.

Sometimes I think I’m picky and sometimes I’m definitely convinced I was born in the wrong era. What happened to flowers and dates? Yes, DATES. Guys used to call and spend hours on the phone, or take a girl dancing. They’d write letters, long letters to their loves. When did men get lazy?

And if I get one more comment about my face or my ass and how beautiful I am, I might scream. In the words of Christina Yang,

“Oh, screw beautiful. I’m brilliant. If you want to appease me, compliment my brain.”

Yas, Yang, YAS.


All Good Things Must End

Good morning, Reader!

I apologize for the small hiatus for the past week or so. Not only was I packing for my adult life, but I was swept away to the Upper East Side, totally engrossed in the scandal and romances of the elite. Okay, so I’m totally talking about Gossip Girl, which I was binge watching on Netflix. In my defense, you need to blow through season 5 (Dan +Blair, yuck), to reach #couplegoals of season 6 (Chair 4ever). Once you’re in season 6, it’s 10 episodes to the end, so naturally I had to watch several episodes in one sitting, hence my absence. I do apologize and I hope you’ll bear with me as I go through this rough patch. We’ve all been there, finished a series that you’ve devoted days, possibly weeks, of your life too…and then, it ends. For a bit, you feel lost, how will I go on without these people  who have become part of my life? How will I make it through the week without watching Blair and Chuck defy all odds to be together, or watch Serena with her latest fling (#hairgoals, though, amiright?), or watch Nate, well just staring at Nate really. What was the point of his character again? Regardless, it’s the end of a series and the promise of a new one tomorrow. So, I have three lined up and I’m hoping you’ll help me pick which one to start.

ScandalI’ve heard nothing but good things about this show from a lot of people. Olivia Pope is a badass superhero lawyer who has a great wardrobe. Like, so great there’s a collection at The Limited. This has the drama and scandal of Gossip Girl that I’m looking for. The pilot had me HOOKED. As in, move over Olivia Benson, I want to be Olivia Pope.

Grey’s AnatomyUgh, I know, I never watched it. Though, I totally know, McDreamy dies. Which is why I don’t really feel like watching it, I hate when I know the ending. But every person I’ve ever known has watched Grey’s and I haven’t heard one bad thing about it. It has drama and romance like GG, plus I used to love ER, so I’m intrigued. The pilot had me wanting to let auto play take control per usual so I could watch episode two.

ParenthoodTwo of my best friends have begged me to watch this show. They say they cry every episode and I only watched the pilot, but guess who was tearing up? Yes, yours truly could not handle the touchingly sad and all too real family moments. This pilot was my least favorite; however, I am intrigued by the family’s story just enough that I would consider watching the second episode before I scratched it off my list.

So, I’ve watched the pilot of each and I don’t know which to start. I was hoping you could help me out, Reader. Feel free to vote in the comments for your fav, I simply cannot decide. My future hangs in the balance, okay that’s dramatic, but seriously, I need a new binge watch.

Sending out an SOS and hoping someone gives me some grace and insight for my queue.

Love, B.

Chair, I’ll never forget you.