6 AM Thoughts: What’s Next?

6 AM Thoughts: What’s Next?
Source: Moody Nature.

Once again I find myself needing to answer the age old question, “what do you want to do with your life?”

At 5, we were asked this by our teachers in order to make cute “When I grow up I want to be…” signs for our parents to look at when they came on parent night.

At 16, we were asked this by our guidance counselor in order to find appropriate schools so we could go to college and get a degree.

At 22, we were asked this by our college advisors in order to help us find a successful job with that degree.

At 24, I had assumed that I was done hearing that question, let alone answering it. I had two degrees and a successful job where I was happy. Why was I being asked this question AGAIN? Well, jobs don’t last forever. I work at an international fashion retailer (who shall remain nameless), but with the ever changing retail landscape, who knows how long I can stay there. Gone are the days of our parents who worked at jobs for 30+ years. Gone are the days of living in the same place all your life. Millennials are job hoppers, that’s the norm now.

For example, my boss is from Virginia. She moved to Columbus, then to the D.C. Area, then San Diego and now Columbus again. My co worker is from Pennsylvania, moved to New York City, then to Columbus and now she’s off to LA. I look at both of them (at 32 and 31, respectively) and I admire them both. They (seemed) to do it with ease, and when the time was right, they answered the question of “what’s next?”

So “what’s next?” for me? Honestly, I hadn’t thought about it, since I had assumed I was done answering those questions. I do want my masters degree, but I’m still in a massive amount of student loan debt from my undergrad. Is it wise to incur more debt for achieve another degree? Then once I have that piece of paper… what do I do with it?

Its funny that I was just going through some old art pieces in my closet and I found the above drawing. I had created this for a college scholarship in high school; the theme was to draw your future. I got the idea while nannying one day after playing The Game of Life for the eighth time in a row. At 17, it seems like I had it figured out. It’s even funnier now that I look at it, I did graduate, move to the city and get a job in the fashion industry. Who knows how the rest of my story will play out. I do know the last life piece is correct; whatever I’ll do,  I’ll follow my dreams.

Reader, what’s next for you? And how do you know when you’ve found what’s next?