Splurge n’Save: What Clothing Pieces to Buy for How Much

In life, there are few basic necessities that we all must have to fully function as humans in society that have been around for thousands of years. Things like food, water, coffee and clothing are all pretty much required on a day to day basis. Okay, maybe just coffee for me, but you get what I’m saying. While I don’t know much about the other things, I do know about clothes, which to some folks is an overwhelming necessity due to the vast amounts of styles, colors, types and brands. When shopping, one might feel lost or confused by what they should and shouldn’t be buying. While I believe that is something that is based on the individual person, I do believe there are certain ways to buy certain things, especially in regards to how much to spend when buying those things. So I’m writing today to tell you (in my opinion) where you should splurge and where you should save.

Splurge: Denim

Jeans are awful, jeans are wonderful, jeans can be seen in almost any store there is. Every brand has their own version of denim (or really a cotton/poly blend) and each brand is a little different in concerns of fit, wash, and details. For those things I would suggest going into a few different stores and trying on different styles of their jeans just to see how you  personally like the fit and feel. Splurge a bit on jeans because if you buy a decent pair of jeans, they might last you a year or two, especially if you properly take care of them (never place in the dryer!).

Save: Basic Tops and Camis

Old Navy, Aeropostale, American Eagle…these stores all have basic v-neck tees and camisoles for under $20, which is an amount that I probably wouldn’t spend more than for these items. They are worn often and sometimes just with a pair of leggings or jeans to run to the store, so no one is going to notice if your shirt was $8. Some designers have basic tees in their line for upwards of $80, which for a basic white v-neck t-shirt is ridiculous (in my opinion, of course). To each their own, but this is an item where you can most definitely save.

Splurge: Heels

One black and if possible, one nude, at least for job interviews, funerals & weddings. I’m talking over $100. If that’s not in your budget, then wait for a blowout sale where designer shoes are discounted or hit up Nordstrom Rack for a deal. A bad pair of heels will ruin your feet while a good pair of well made heels will take you pretty far in life. Again, if taken care of, these can last you quite sometime, and, unlike your waistline and jeans, your foot’s size doesn’t change all that much so you’ll be safe with that size staying the same.

Splurge: Outerwear

If you’re like me and live in the Northeast, you know the value of a good winter coat and a good rain coat. Again, look for something retailed at over $100. I know it might be a lot to drop on a piece of clothing, but think of the new coat you won’t have to buy for three to five years. Look for something warm and durable and make sure you dry clean it after the season. Do you see my theme with the ‘splurge’ items, it’s all about taking care of the item so as you get the most out of your dollars spent.

Save: Trendy Pieces

Now, when I say ‘save’ I mean, paying upwards of around $100. When I say ‘trendy’ I mean pieces that are only in for this season, and will most likely never be worn much after that.  For example, a wild and fun printed crop top is a great buy right now, but crop tops are at their peak, soon they will be on the decline and out the door. These pieces are worn a few times and eventually end up at a thrift store or stored in your closet until you pull it out 6 years later and take it to the thrift store or out to the garbage. We also call these fast fashion items.

There are many trendy stores, like H&M, A&F, AE, Old Navy, etc. all with trendy pieces that usually aren’t more than $50. Buy, wear twice, and send to ThredUp when done!

So, Reader, is my list complete? Is there anything you would add, or disagree with? Let’s discuss below!

Love, B.




Here’s my OOTD look for my internship. I’m in love with this Loft blouse and my ankle moto jeggings from American Eagle. I kept it simple with a pair of black flats.I usually wear my hair down, so I was excited to have it styled in a low bun. I definitely felt classy and sophisticated in this OOTD!


First Week Recap!

Oh my goodie! I cannot believe it’s already LABOR DAY WEEKEND! (gasp!)

What happened this week in my life? Quite a bit actually! For one thing, classes started back up this week and I only have to go to three of them, the other two are online. I have a lot of reading to do, not that I’ve done it yet… oops. I’m taking a textile quality class, a finance class and a class about advertising which I’m so stoked about. I just love both of my majors. Like, my fashion courses are a breeze and my marketing ones are so interesting. It’s like YES I understand this, it excites me and gives me a passion for life! Viva la marketing!

Also, I started my marketing internship this week, and it was pretty awesome! My boss complimented my writing and she said everything I wrote was perfect (I wrote some emails and a letter. oh, and inserted something into a press release). I also started writing some Facebook and Twitter posts, which she didn’t see before I left, so I have no idea if those were good or not. Here’s one of my outfits that I wore to my internship, if you didn’t already see it on the Instagram (Follow Here!). It was so cute and comfy! OOTDDNow I definitely need to go shopping for some more ‘business casual’ outfits. I will definitely be hitting up those Labor Day sales this weekend! 

Finally, I just received a book in the mail about Adobe Illustrator and I’m hoping to teach myself some basics about the program in order to be more prepared for any future jobs. I have a feeling this semester is going to be quite busy. For now, I’m going to dance to ‘Shake It Off’ and enjoy the sunshine.

Reader, enjoy this weekend! I hope it’s full of sunshine and good times and maybe it’ll be so awesome, that you put your phone down for, like, five minutes…

Stay beautiful! Love, B.

Does this make me an almost adult?

I’ve decided to stop shopping at Forever 21.

I know, I know, it’s a sad day. I’m growing up, frolicking off into the grown up lady world where nothing is as cheap as a $4.99 crop top or a $7.99 pair of jeans. For many years, this magical teenage playground was where I would spend hours both online and in store browsing. Dear Reader, you might be asking yourself, why am I shedding my childish fashion lover and replacing it with brands I can’t even afford?

Here’s why.

  1. It’s cheap. By which, I mean, cheap in quality. Having a shirt I can wear once or twice isn’t worth it anymore. I’d rather spend $40 on a shirt and get several wears out of it. As I get older, I’m trying to build my wardrobe for the future, and a top that unravels after one wash just won’t cut it any longer.
  2. Who really wants a $5 crop top with a lion’s head graphic on the front? Or a cheap looking statement necklace that was only $3 and will probably turn any skin it comes in contact with a nice shade of green? I would totally impulse buy at F21, because IT’S ONLY FIVE DOLLARS. Maybe I’ll finally save a few dollars now that I’ve let my favorite store go… (hah!).
  3. Like I said, these clothes are cheap. Which means that the markup is about half the price. Which means the cost of materials and labor, etc. etc. etc. only account for half of the retail price. Workers in third world countries literally make pennies, or less each day. I’d rather support a brand that pays its workers more wages.
  4. I was shopping there recently and a 12 year old was standing next to me. I’m a twenty something shopping for the same fashion pieces as a tween? Moving on.
  5. Years ago, I could shop online at F21 for hours and easily fill up my shopping cart with a dozen things. Now? I literally skim each page with mild interest in any of the pieces. I mean sure, there’s a cute thing here or there, but I no longer hold the adoring zeal of my teen days.

So, Reader, is this it? Am I finally making the jump to the adult world? I’m not 100% sure that I’m ever going to be considered a ‘real’ adult. In fact, I’m still considering watching  a Disney movie tonight, with my cat (and wine!), but I think these are just the small steps on the road to adulthood. It may not happen overnight, but becoming an adult is both scary and exciting, and I can’t wait to see what else is in store for this twenty something’s life.

xoxo, B.