Sincerely Seven: Week 34

Is anyone else sweating their brains out? Just kidding, I’m not either, I’m wrapped in a sweater in the AC, but from what I hear, it’s very insufferably hot outside in LA rn, as I assume also in most of the country. If you don’t have AC, I apologize, I really don’t understand why that isn’t like an automatic thing that’s everywhere, like in Florida. Anywho, in other news, another boring week of laying around the apartment. I have been a reading fiend, as my boyfriend has been playing more video games this week in the evenings, leaving me to read in peace in the bedroom (not saying I don’t want to spend time with him at all, just saying I get through more books during these weeks). Here’s what else got me through the week…

fav outfit this week
  1. The DNC took place this past week, and if you were like me and only caught some of it in real time, or watched recaps the next day, here is a guide with all the major highlights. 
  2. For those readers out there, Malala is launching a book club later this year, like can I sign up now? I also want to read the book she recommends for millenial women…. like, adding to my list ASAP.
  3. I loved this piece about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her hoop earrings. I personally didn’t know about Latina women and the custom around hoop earrings, but I’m so happy to see a Latina woman in a place of power to be a role model for girls everywhere, especially those who can see themselves in her.
  4. If you wish you could make yourself a billboard for voting when you go outside, you should get some merch to spread the word! If doing so, make sure it’s voting merch that is giving back. I personally want the VOTE canvas tote with QR code, bc how convenient? But also LOVE the ‘big ballot energy’ cashmere sweatshirt for a cool $380 (YIKES catch me crafting my own on a champion sweatshirt and donating to a cause instead).
  5. Make this No Churn Fudge Brownie Coffee Ice Cream like right meow. Again, would mail you some, but this time, I already ate it (sorry not sorry).
  6. I was hit with a case of I WANT TO TRAVEL blues this week, so just drooling looking at this list of tasty European foods that I can’t have (*cries).
  7. As I’m trying to work through my own capsule wardrobe, I loved these Grown-Lady Shopping Rules. I especially loved the notion of ‘cost per wear,’ something I definitely need to consider more when I’m shopping.

Here’s to a hopefully cooler week for everyone!


Sara Ann


A Basic B Abroad: Amsterdam

After 3 days in London, we were off to Amsterdam. We stayed in uptown, where Vondelpark and the Rijks reside. While in Uptown, we enjoyed a stroll through Vondelpark as well as a few hours in the Rijksmuseum. I would highly recommend going to see the famous art museum; however, we spent about three hours there and only got through 1 and 1/2 floors.

Sights around Amsterdam

Unfortunately, on the 2nd day, I got food poisoning and very much did not enjoy getting lost in Amsterdam. The city, specifically downtown, is quite confusing with canals; however, it is extremely magnificent and I often find myself thinking about the beauty of the winding canals around the whole city.

FIOS BENCH ❤ (see my Longchamp, white Converse & Starbucks…basic AF)

Of course we found the Fault in our Stars bench, like did you think I would thousands of miles across the world and not stop at the bench where Hazel and Augustus sat?! We also stopped by the floating flower market, ate stroopwafel and finally found the Anne Frank House. Would highly recommend pre-buying your tickets online, as we stood in line for over an hour.

Other Tips:

  • If you’re traveling to Amsterdam, I would either go with a tour group or pre-plan the heck out of this trip. We wasted so much time wandering around, literally lost. It haunts me the number of things we probably didn’t get to see or do because we were wandering around trying to find a place or attraction.
  • Take a canal boat tour, we did ours at night and it was so beautiful to see the city all lit up!
  • Tulips are not in season in the fall, if that’s what you wanted to see (major bummer)
  • We didn’t participate in the, err, coffee shops, but if that’s what you’re into, they’re literally everywhere. Can get pre-rolled or loose. Whichever you fancy.
  • We stayed at the Flying Pig Uptown Hostel, would definitely recommend. They do city walking tours and have a decent free brunch to start your day!