Sincerely Seven: Week 33

Goodness gracious, it’s toasty in LA this weekend; I’ve coped by staying indoors in the AC and doing basically next to nothing (another weekend in the Q, what’s new). I’ve built more Sims houses (can’t stop, won’t stop) and haven’t read much of the book I’m on (it’s good, but slow). Siiiiiigh. Anyone else in a slump? Or just bored? Or have you all gone back into the world, quarantine be damned? …Is anyone there?

Nothing really happened this week other than I put this Disney eyes filter on my cat… a lot. 
  1. This week, Joe Biden picked Kamala Harris to be his running mate (was that THIS week? Seems like ages ago to be honest). I was a bit surprised since these two seemed to really go at each other during the debates, but loved this article that broke down why Biden picked Harris over others. Overall though, love this move for women AND cannot wait to hear ‘Madama Vice President.’
  2. You all know I live in an apartment in LA, so I don’t come by backyard fires and s’mores very easily these days; this deep dish s’mores bowl is SO tasty and easy and made me feel content and cozy in my fifth floor apartment.
  3. In a (non)surprising turn, many colleges are changing their minds about reopening/allowing flocks of students to return. I’ve been keeping an eye on this for awhile, but if you’re a college freshman, STOP what you’re doing, do not start at an expensive school, stay at home and go to the local community college to get your 101 classes completed this year. You will save SO much money.
  4. Chrissy Teigen is pregnant with baby No. 3 and I’m honestly so happy for her (is that weird?), especially after she tweeted how she conceived this child naturally, AND has been taking pregnancy tests every month since she was 21 hoping for a positive that would come naturally.
  5. If you haven’t noticed, a lot of fashion companies are filing for bankruptcy and closing stores. It’s so sad to see my LinkedIn feed these days, it’s mostly colleagues or friends of colleagues who are posting about having been let go from their jobs, as their companies are doing rounds of layoffs to stay afloat.  I’m worried it will only get worse as the pandemic continues and fall and winter loom in the distance.
  6. If you love cooking shows, love Selena Gomez, or just watched everything on all the services and have nothing new to watch, check out HBO’s new show, ‘Selena + Chef.‘ It’s cute and delightful, and I really want to make the ramen and the matcha cookies that Chef Candice taught Selena how to make.
  7. Finally, and MOST importantly, buy some stamps!!

Hoping for a more exciting week ahead!


Sara Ann

Still Pending: Things I’m Working on in 2016.

Well, it’s almost the end of January, and 2016 is off to a decent start. I never  posted my resolutions for this year, actually I’m not 100% I ever made any to be honest. I’m putting them here, so it’s more concrete and I can be held accountable for them in some way. And I’ll mention what I’ve done so far in 2016 to keep those resolutions.

Resolution: Get myself into a budget and cut my discretionary spending in half

How’s it going? No comment…

The first thing that happens after you get your first job is you get dollar signs in your eyes, and they stay there awhile. At least, that’s what happened to me. Every two weeks, I get money. Money is great. Money can get my hair dyed, get me cool clothes and new makeup. Money solves everything, right? But then there’s bills, and recently, student loan payments. Money is the worst and it makes everything SUCK.

However, I’ve started trying to not spend as much, which is reeally hard. Like reeally hard. I love shopping, it brings me joy and fulfillment, which is probably something I should address with a therapist, but nuance. I’m trying to budget, I’ve signed up for (which is awesome, if I actually look at the weekly email summary of my spending…). If anyone has any budgeting tips, I’d owe you forever. Literally. Please. Lend some help to a newbie adult.

Resolution: Hit the gym at least three times a week plus cut out all the unhealthy snacking.

How’s it going? I go to the gym 3 times a week! Then I come home and eat 5 cookies…

Getting a gym membership was one of the first adult things I did, and since I’m paying for it monthly, I need to use it or lose it. At least, unlike Netflix, the gym is good for my well-being. Netflix just makes me sad (Grey’s has wrecked me 5ever). I eat salads and veggies and hummus and lentils all the time. Like so much so, people have asked if I’m a vegetarian. But I also made a pan of brownies last Friday and I think I ate 83% of them by Tuesday night. To be fair, pre-Aunt flo, I’m a ravenous bitch for chocolate, which explains the previous sentence, but still. That’s not exactly healthy.

I’m not saying that I’m swearing off donuts forever, because that’s insane and I would expect someone to come find me, slap me and stuff a dozen down my throat. I just want to not eat so unhealthily that it basically cancels even going to the gym.

Resolution: Not watch Netflix every night for multiple hours. Essentially, I’m giving up binging. I want to kick my butt off the couch and get a life (ew).

How’s that going? I just watched Grey’s Anatomy for the past three hours.

Okay. 1. it’s winter, it’s cold, I’ll start being a person with a life when it’s warm and not January. 2. After work + gym, my brain hurts and I just want to zone out for a few hours and not think, is that so much to ask?!

However, by watching Netflix, I’ve gotten so wrapped up in the lives of the doctors at Seattle Grace Hospital that I’m not as interested in my own lame life. DEREK AND MEREDITH ARE COUPLE GOALS AMIRGHT? Plus hot doctors in scrubs. That’s not in my real life. Also, MARK SLOAN DAAANG. So, I booked a flight to Florida and I made plans tonight, with real people. Ugh are you happy?

How about you, Reader, how are your resolutions going? Or like me, have you been avoiding them altogether? Let’s bond over our failures in the comments, or hopefully, your successes!

Love, B.

What My Senior Year in College Taught Me

As summer comes to a close and college kids everywhere are heading back to campus, I wanted to reflect back on my last year in college and the things I had learned. I actually learned quite a few things; however, here is a short list of important things that I will always remember.

You have to fight for the things you want.

You want that dream job? What have you done thus far to procure it? Who have you talked to, networked with? Where have you interned, what classes have you taken? I always think of a guy I met once at a networking event. He told me that when he graduated from college, he wanted to work in the NFL. So, he mailed a cover letter and resume to every single team. That’s 32 teams in case you didn’t know. He got a job and has worked in the NFL for several years. If he had sat there wishing for it to happen, it wouldn’t have. He made it happen.

Sometimes during that fight, you will fall on your face.

Actually, you will fall on your face, a lot. It’s tricky, the end of college, a wonderful safety net, and preparing to head out into the big scary world that no one has really told you much about. You will fall down several times, with your face sometimes in a mud puddle. You will question why you should get up and keep studying/keep printing resumes/keep emailing random HR people, but it’s important to drag your sad little self upward and keep going. It’ll all be worth it one day, I promise.

Sometimes you’re not the ‘game changer.’

There are countless chick flicks where the lead male is a playboy bachelor until he meets the beautiful and slightly quirky lead female. He meets her and he wants to be a better person because he knows she deserves better. This does actually happen in real life; however, that doesn’t mean it will happen. Think hard about that bad boy who you would thoroughly enjoy taming, and he doesn’t seem to want to change. He’ll say, ‘you deserve better’ and he means it, he knows that you’re great and you deserve the best, but he doesn’t want to change himself for you. The thing is, one day he’ll meet a girl and he probably will want to settle down for her. Don’t force him if you aren’t his game changer, it’s nothing personal to you, it’s him. Moving on.

If you step out of your comfort zone, you will surprise everyone, including yourself.

I had a sports marketing internship this past year. I worked basketball games, I promoted football games and I found a voice. What experience would this give me related to fashion? Not much, as you would figure. But it did teach me how to be professional, work in a fast paced office environment, and it taught me what I really do want in life… to be in fashion. Stepping out of my comfort zone and my realm of general knowledge was terrifying, but I learned the most about myself and somehow I know I’ll be okay because of the things I learned during my internship.

Sometimes falling in love with your life is the best thing you can do.

I came into senior year with the idea that I had nine months before my ability to get a boyfriend would end. It is true, it probably is much easier to connect with someone in such a limited space. I pictured myself finally nabbing one before the end, and we would live happily ever after. But guess what? I graduated and I’m still single and I couldn’t really care. I learned ( and probably am still learning) to love my life and those around me. I’m becoming more okay with just me. Life is beautiful and if you spend your time wishing it away until your prince comes, you’re going to miss something amazing. Actually probably a lot of amazing.

Things to Keep You Busy After You’ve Graduated from College and Have Nothing Going for You.

You did it! You made it through those four(+) years that are chalk full of highs and lows. You walked off the stage, diploma in hand, smile on your face. You just hung up your polyester gown and stored away that precious cap. So, now what? If you’re anything like me, these are great ways to spend your time when you’ve graduated and hit a dead end because no ones cares that you need a job!

1. Sleep

Naps on naps on naps.

All those hours of precious sleep you missed out on in college? Don’t worry, laying in bed doing absolutely nothing allows for you to be completely well rested… so that you can keep doing nothing.

2. Netflix

ugh, toast and a smoothie? Try a donut and some cookies.

That queue that’s been building for years as you had to write papers and study for exams? Pshh, say goodbye to that and hello to the longest binge watching marathon in the history of the world. Do I get paid if I make it into Guinness?

3. Read, learn a new language, anything using your brain

who keeps plants in bed with them…?

Because laying around and doing absolutely nothing isn’t good for your brain (no, literally, my brain hurts from not being stimulated) so keep trying different mundane things to keep the blood flowing to your noggin. Try a trip to the library, or making an account on Duolingo. Anything helps.

4. Contemplate every decision you’ve ever made.


1 pinch of ‘why did I choose to go to college for major XYZ?

2 cups of ‘where the hell am I going with my life?

1/2 tsp of ‘why wasn’t I in club ABC and why didn’t I work three more months that one summer at GHI?!

A dash of salt.

Combine all ingredients in a bed that hasn’t been made in a week, with a person who probably hasn’t showered in even longer.

*Serve best with a heaping plate of self loathing.

5. Refresh, Refresh, Refresh

See Mom and Dad, I am trying!

Because maybe, just maybe, there’s a new posing on that I missed?!

6. Use those two bachelor’s degrees to wipe up all your tears.

….because really, what other use is there for them?

To my complete strangers-

I read a letter today that was addressed to high school grads who would be entering college. It read, “Ready or not! You are gonna meet people unlike anyone you’ve ever met before from places you have never been before and some of these complete strangers will become fast friends. One might just become your best friend.”

I was lucky to find two strangers. Two random people living a life parallel to mine for 18 years and I had no idea. But God brought us together because he knew we each had something to teach each other. Many things, dozen of things I have learned from you both. I certainly would not be who I am today, without both of you influencing my life.

I wish that we could forever be just a wall apart. I wish that you’ll always come into my room and plop down on my bed. I don’t know why you both like my bed so much, but I would let you take naps in it everyday and sleep in it every night if it meant we could still be together forever. I would never touch the thermostat again, leaving it forever at 86 degrees if we didn’t have to leave each other in five days. I don’t want to drink tea alone or watch the Kardashians alone. I want my two best friends right next to me.

What do I do without you next to me?

I kept reading the letter to the high school seniors, hoping the author told them the secret about the end of college. The secret to leaving these strangers. He didn’t mention it, I think, because you aren’t supposed to leave them. While they might not be right next to you, they will be with you forever in your heart.

You will be forever with me, in my heart. You’re part of who I am, the person I am today has pieces of you and you have pieces of me. We will forever be connected because of these pieces. And no matter where we go in life, these pieces from each other will always be with us, reminding us of one another. Then we’ll call, and we’ll write. We’ll make plans to visit. You can call me after a bad day and I’ll call you when I see a tabloid at the store with a new photo of Bruce.

And we’ll make it. Life is scary and exciting and terrifying and thrilling and it’s meant to be shared with people you love. With people who are forever in your heart. Life will go on and so will we.

Together or not, we’ll always be friends and I will forever cherish every moment we had in these last four years. I used to believe in that quote, “Don’t say goodbye, because goodbye means forever.” I don’t anymore. You see, I want to say goodbye because you know what comes after a goodbye? A hello, when you see each other again.

Lou you forever,

your fellow swqueeenior,



4 Books I Cannot Wait to Read

I’ve finished my second to last semester of college and I’m home for break without a job to work or a class to study for. So, naturally, I’ve complied a list of things I’d like to accomplish in 5 weeks. Some things on that list include spending a whole day watching my Netflix queue of movies, learning Spanish (Duolingo is free and available as an app for on the go learning, so cool!),crocheting something, and of course, reading.

Reading has always been my most favorite activity. I can picture nothing better than spending a chilly day wrapped up with a good book next to the fireplace.I literally love the library and still go there regularly. Since I have a OCD tendency to make up lists for everything, I’ve complied a list of books I’d like to read by the end of my break.

1. For a good laugh…

Yes Please: Amy Poehler

I’ve heard nothing but praise for this hilarious book from one of America’s favorite funny ladies. I’ve already read the works of Chelsea, Tina and Mindy. I can only wait to read this collection of thoughts from another one of the greats.

2. For a good story….

All the Light We Cannot See: Anthony Doerr

I’ve been meaning to read this book for awhile now. I love stories set in the 1940’s wartime era, especially ones set in Europe during the war. This novel sounds like an amazing and beautiful story about two children that I absolutely need to get my hands on.

3. From the movies…

This is Where I Leave You: Jonathan Tropper

I saw the trailer for this movie recently and although it’s been out for awhile, it reminded me that I wanted to read the book. Perhaps the kick ass cast (Tina Fey, Jane Fonda, Jason Bateman, etc) makes me want to see it more than anything but I did hear the book was great and I most certainly want to check it out before I see the movie.

4. For some inspiration….

tiny beautiful things: Cheryl Strayed

This book comes from the author of the book Wild, which is the basis of the new Reese Witherspoon movie. That story sounds like a more low scale Eat, Pray, Love but I still love a good finding yourself story nonetheless. This book is a collection of writings from Strayed’s advice column, Dear Sugar. Everyone has said this book will inspire you, so I’m totally planning on checking this on out as soon as possible.

Reader, have you read any of these? Did you like them at all? If not, what are you planning on reading next?

Leave a comment and let me know!

Love, B.