Oh Where, Oh Where, Did My Money Go?

I really hate my inability to stop spending money. To no one’s surprise, I’ve already broken my spending freeze that I started on Jan 1. What did I buy? A Macbook Air, followed by a pair of pants, sweater, and a skirt.

Did I need any of those things? No, not really.

The only one I could argue would be the laptop, but I truly didn’t ‘need’ it as I might try to explain to you, though I am hoping to get better about posting on here, since I have an actual keyboard for typing. I also wanted to watch the latest episodes of Schitt’s Creek, which I didn’t know how to do on an iPad. Groundbreaking work happening over here, folks!!

My thing is, there’s always something I want and it’s always being shown off to me via social media. I guess I could delete instagram, but that’s no fun. I have actually unfollowed a majority of stores and brands; however, I still follow many blogger/influencers who show me all the cute things they’re buying (erhm, getting sent for FREE, which is a SCAM that I would totally be open to if anyone in a brand’s marketing dept is reading this).

Then there’s the guilt a I feel when someone I was friends with or went to school with starts a boutique or clothing brand and I feel the need to support them and their business. Because #WomenSupportingWomen, y’all!!

How do I stop??! Any advice? Please share in the comments, I’d love to hear how you avoid spending and conscientiously save money.

Much love,


My 2 Month Spending Fast


Some people go on fasts to diet and lose weight. Others fast for various reasons that coincide with a religion or spiritual group. I am fasting from spending money on unnecessary things. Clothes, shoes, makeup, and the list goes on; I spend endless amounts on things that I barely use or wear. Starting yesterday, September 1st, I will be refraining from purchases that are not necessary so I can hopefully increase my savings and learn to budget. The goal? Not spend until November 1st. Yes, that’s two months of not swiping my card or having packages delivered to my house. Am I going to die? Probably.

Recently, I became oddly aware of the fact that I am horrible with money. The only thing I’m good at doing with money is spending it. I don’t know how to budget, pay off debt, make an IRA, ANYTHING. I decided that going on a spending cleanse was my best option. I hope to figure out why I constantly feel a need to buy new things, and how I can improve my financial status. As a young twenty something, I feel like it’s still somewhat acceptable for me to be reckless; however, as I approach my 25th year, I feel that I need to start getting a few things in order.

(“Can she do it? How long will she last? Stay tuned, folks.” -the announcer of my life, if I had one).