Homesick, Kind Of.

Since moving to LA, I haven’t really been homesick, if I’m being totally honest. Yes, there have been moments when my family was gathering and I was thousands of miles away that made me a little bummed, but nothing that made me genuinely want to be somewhere else. Since I’ve been “on my own” for a few years now, it’s been easier and easier to hang up after a Skype with my family and not feel sad.

That is, until recently. I had a wave of homesickness at the most unexpected moment. And truth be told, it wasn’t even a homesickness for my actual home.

It happened at the dentist. I finally made an appointment to see a dentist here in LA. Upon arriving, I was greeted and taken back to the room, my dental hygienist not saying much at all. The dentist himself was nice, but it just seemed off, like I can’t quite put my finger on it, you know? While I was waiting for him to come back to the room, I almost started crying; I had a wave of sadness hit and I realized that I missed my dentist in Ohio. Dr. Clark was so genuine and helpful. He always took time to answer any questions or just ask about my day. I missed my dental hygienist, Whitney, who was so kind and bubbly and warm; her chatter always made me forget about any nerves or anxieties.

In that moment, I would have given anything to be in the dental chair in New Albany, Ohio instead of LA. I wanted to walk out, if I’m being perfectly honest. I just wanted to cry. I hadn’t really felt that way since many years before, when I had first moved away from home in PA to live in Columbus. And maybe it’s all the craziness that’s happening in the world today that pushed me to the brink, but that day at the dentist, I found that I truly missed someone, some place so badly, that it made Ohio feel even more like home. And while LA is fun and I’ll never regret moving here, I can’t wait for the day I get to return to the buckeye state (O-H!)


Sara Ann

Cheers to 2020

It was the end of a decade, but the start of an age.

-Taylor Swift

Can I just say, I am not a big New Years person. I don’t go out (like ever) because I’m usually in bed by 10 and staying up until 12 is hard and who actually cares if you went out and popped champagne and danced until your feet were sore? Not to say there’s anything wrong with that, I’d just rather stay on the couch with close loved ones and then go to bed once that ball has done it’s job.

Does that make me a weird 26 year old? Maybe, but maybe not. I really don’t care either way. At some point in the last decade, I learned to not give a shit (or more accurately, not give as much of a shit) about what other people thought of me. I’ve recently started wearing less makeup. I try to do what I want to do and sometimes that involves saying no to things that will stoke any anxious or stressful thoughts. But that also sometimes involves doing things that are going to stoke those thoughts into an, at most times, unnecessary roaring fire. In the last year, I moved across the country to the fine city of Los Angeles, leaving behind the majority of loved ones on the East Coast. That was really hard and continues to prove hard as I return back to visit, only to leave again knowing I’ll need to spend a load of money to return.

Some 2019 memories!

I think resolutions are a good idea though often easily forgotten (especially by myself). I do prefer to set goals and somewhat realistic ones at that. So here are my 2020 goals that I hope to accomplish over the next year:

1. Save money by becoming a more mindful consumer— we all know I could write, produce and star in Confessions of a Shopaholic, but after recently reading The Year of Less, I want to be more mindful of my purchases and really force myself to consciously decide if I really need to make the purchase. I also want to save around 25% of my income over the next year. Might make it into a somewhat shopping ban, stay tuned.

2. Read more—this is such a generic thing but I’ve always included reading in my goals. I read around 25 books in 2019 and I want to read 30 in 2020. I really do love reading and want to spend more time doing that, versus bingeing another bumble gum show on Netflix (but seriously is anyone watching You Season 2? GAH).

3. Make friends— since moving to LA, I’ve made a few work friends who are wonderful but I don’t have any friends to go see a chick flick with, or grab a coffee with. I love my boyfriend and spending time with him is wonderful but sometimes I miss a friend companion, if that makes any sense? I want to try some local art classes and possibly volunteer (things I’ve heard help make adult friends).

4. Make 5 difficult recipes— I’m talking roast a chicken, make REAL spaghetti, the kind of meals that take all day or at least a few hours to simmer and build flavor. I’m hoping to do more than five, but I’m also trying to be a mindful consumer so I don’t want to unnecessarily overspend to reach my goals.

5. Be present— I am 100% guilty of spending a lot of time on my phone. Like too much time. I cringe when my screen report pops up every Sunday morning and shames me into another week. I might take a month break from social media or something wild, but no promises.

Here’s to a new year, a new decade, and all the possibilities that the future has in store. I hope you take today to spend time with yourself, with loved ones, or however you choose to find joy and happiness.

Love always,


My Semi-QuarterLife Crisis.

Dear Reader,

Have you ever picked up everything and moved to a new place, not knowing a single soul, leaving all the people and places you love behind? If yes, then I suppose you get what I’m going through. If not, then I might sound like I’ve lost my marbles. I haven’t necessarily, but many things are sort of grey right now, not a lot of black and white, definitive things.

Maybe you do know what I’m going through though. It happens to many young adults, since being a twentysomething is chalk full of change and uncertainty, which results most often in an identity crisis. Jim Freed explains it well in his Thought Catalog article, 22 Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know About A Quarterlife Crisis,

….the quarterlife crisis is a response to overwhelming instability, constant change, too many choices, and a panicked sense of helplessness…..In Erikson’s groundbreaking book Childhood and Society, published in 1950, he posits that each stage of life from infancy to old age entails a specific struggle that defines the personality of the individual. The quarterlife crisis can be traced to Stage 6, or young adulthood, when intimacy competes with isolation. After coming out of the identity crisis of adolescence, individuals are ready to form relationships with others through close friendships and romantic relationships that create a sense of stability. The main variable is the fear of rejection. While most people overcome it and form these relationships, others fail to do so and end up in a state of isolation and despair.

So, because of this chaos, I am having trouble understanding who I am. Not in a existential sort of way, but in a ‘who am I as this twentysomething in Columbus, OH?’ I’m not the unemployed twentysomething from a small town in PA anymore. I’m not the reckless college student who didn’t have a care in the world anymore. So, who am I exactly?

Currently, I’m the person who goes to work, then begrudgingly drags her whimpy self to the gym, and then binge watches Netflix while eating popcorn and drinking cheap wine until she can safely go to bed at 9PM sharp. It’s safe and comfortable, but is that who I want to be necessarily? Not really if I have to think about it, at least in a not every night kind of way, you know?

I’ve also been sadly reminiscing about college and how life was before #adult. Things like going out on a Friday night without my college friends, making breakfast and going on walks without them make me sad. Also I hate going to Starbucks and not having someone to sit there for three hours discussing nothing and everything. It’s weird that I keep seeing the quote, “You can’t start a new chapter if you’re too busy re-reading the last one.” I mean, I literally have seen it five times in the last two days at random. But it’s made me realize that I can’t stop reading the last chapter because this new chapter is a big question mark and there’s no telling what will happen.

So maybe I’m having a quarter life crisis, or maybe I’m getting ready to let go of my last chapter and start a new one. I honestly couldn’t tell you. Reader, do you know what I’m talking about? Maybe motivational words of wisdom  from someone who’s been here?

Love, B.

I’m Still Alive!

Hello Lovely, Reader!

I sincerely apologize for my hiatus, moving to a new city and starting a big girl job definitely has its set backs, one being that I completely lost track of time and the fact that I like to write on my blog to keep me sane. I’m hope now that I’ve gotten a handle on this new life (not really, hah!), I will come back here more regularly to write about life, love, and my inability to #adult.

Here are some highlights of my past few weeks:

  1. I joined a gym. #Ugh
  2. I need my oil changed but how do I do that? Also, I didn’t know where to buy stamps (other than the post office, which I didn’t know where that was…).
  3. I’m making friends! Yay!
  4. I still spend most of my time in bed watching Netflix.
  5. I’ve started watching Scandal, so most social things are irrelevant because OLIVIA POPE. AH.

I hope you’ve been well, Reader. I can’t wait to tell you about my life.

Love, B.

 All of my thoughts and prayers are with Paris on this sad day. To quote @atticuspoetry,

“We love you Paris, you are what love is to all of us.”

Some Exciting News From Your Favorite Basic Blogger…

Dear Reader,

I want to share some very exciting news with you!! After graduating with two bachelor’s degrees in May and tirelessly applying to jobs all summer, I have accepted an entry level job in the corporate fashion industry and am moving to Columbus, Ohio!

I am so very excited and I cannot wait to begin this new journey. I hope you’ll stay with me as I officially navigate the world of adulthood. I want to thank all my followers, whoever you are, know that I’m thankful for you reading about my basic life week after week. If you have any advice, or tips for living in Columbus, I’d love to hear it in the comment section below!

Wish me luck!

Love, B.

Wishlist of Apartment Wants!

As I get ready to move to a new home in a new state, I can’t help but want to buy all new decor and things to deck out my new place. While I’m still trying to pinpoint what bedding to buy (I’m going with a duvet, so fancy, amiright?!), I have found a few other things that I’m totally dreaming about for my new apartment.

  1. Cowgirl Lace Mug set by Ree Drummond.

Does anyone else watch Pioneer Woman on FoodNetwork?! Well if you don’t know Ree, she’s a city girl who ended up marrying a farmer and she cooks hearty meals for her family out on the farm. She’s sweet and honest and I was so excited to see she came out with a home line at WalMart. This mug set is only $12 and I could totally see myself sipping hot coffee from these mugs. Plus the color options are great!

2. Floral Placemats at Target

Oh, Target, I do love thee. I also love these coral place mats with yellow accent that will match nicely with my yellow apartment walls.

3. You’re Like Really Pretty Doormat on Etsy

I need this doormat, just for survival purposes. I’m basic, so I obviously quote Mean Girls on the reg, and this is the epitome of perfect.

4. Light Up Letter at Nordstrom

Doesn’t every basic girl need her initials displayed in her room somewhere?! AND WITH LIGHTS?!

5. Smile Throw Pillow at TJ Maxx

Oh, the Maxx, they have the best throw pillows and home decor. I’m totally hitting them up for all my random sit around the house decor. Just like these next few things…

6. Jewel Frame at TJ Maxx

SO cute! I love to have pictures of friends and family sitting around, especially in a new place. This will go well sitting on a bookshelf or desk to display the beautiful faces of my beautiful friends.

7. Feathered Friends Ring Holder at TJ Maxx.

Oh, the Maxx did it again. This adorable ring holder would be so cute to set on a dresser and collect my rings…if only I wore rings…

Reader, do you have any suggestions for home decor stores? Let me know in the comments!

Love, B.

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