Hello Reader!

B! Where have you been? I do apologize for the hiatus. Work got busy, holidays popped up and then I found out I had mono. For those of you who haven’t had mono, please count your lucky stars and swear to me you’ll never kiss anyone or share a drink ever again. It’s truly horrible and I don’t even have a bad case of it. I’m usually in bed by 9, or will have taken at least one cat nap by the time I do get into bed. This is actually normal pre-mono, if you ask anyone that knows me; however, before was by choice, now it’s necessary for survival.

So what’s new with you? Other than having mono? Well reader, it’s winter and cold, so not much. I feel in a rut of sorts, mostly because I don’t do much other than sleep these days. (seriously I can’t even read a book or watch TV without falling asleep). I want to try new things and find the joie de vivre that I used to have. But that’s hard to do when you’re Sleeping Beauty.

Nothing new, at all? Well, I tried starting yoga and I just planted a succulent, so we’ll see how I keep that alive. I’m also trying to cook more, but it’s so hard cooking for one so I normally just make an egg for dinner and call it a day. I’m also learning hand-lettering and I want to start watercolor painting. That’s my issue, I have so many things I want to try and I end up doing none of them. Hold me to something, Reader!!

You should blog more! Yes, Reader, I should. Adding it to the list under, call Grandma more (Ugh, I know, I’m the worst).

How are you, Reader? What’s new with you?

I’m #SorryNotSorry.

  1. I find it very important to take personality quizzes, like yes, I need to know what my favorite pizza topping says about my personality. DEAL WITH IT. (I can stand my own ground, or I might be a basic bitch….SPOT ON, PIZZA QUIZ. SPOT ON).
  2. Wine is my best friend, my lover, I might be vinosexual. No, I definitely am.
  3. I drink coffee multiple times a day. I’m a raging toddler without at least one cup of that beautiful smooth liquid gold.
  4. I will binge watch entire seasons of shows in one week because I enjoy tuning out and not thinking. Plus, the plot lines of the shows are more exciting than my actual life. So.
  5. I’m a woo girl. Drunk, sober, any situation, I’m usually going “woooo!”
  6. I will choose to watch a Disney Princess film over most anything else.
  7. I suck at replying to text messages, which I’m not sorry about usually  because I’d rather live my life then be attached to my phone. (for that 5% of the time I’m literally watching Netflix and don’t reply, I am sorry for being a butthead).
  8. I will sing and dance like no one’s watching in my car. My morning commute is a raging dance party.
  9. I’m a cynically hopeless romantic. Does that make any sense? No, but yes.
  10. Last night, I watched Pride & Prejudice, drank pink wine and ate Ben & Jerry’s. I’m a single basic white bitch. Deal with it.

8 Basic Things from this Week (8/29)

  1. In just one week, we will be blessed once again with PSLs, here’s an interesting read on why Starbucks loves us as much as we love their tasty fall beverage.
  2. Marie Claire posted The Kim Kardashian Guide to Taking the Perfect Selfie and it’s important.
  3. Patches, the crossing guard dog, is back for the new school year. Let’s all say AWEH together.
  4. A student was sent home for her WonderWoman lunchbox. I am sick of these schools and their senseless rules.
  5. Even though this was everywhere, (watch it again) Taylor Swift gives an up incoming artist the chance to sing her beautiful song, Smelly Cat, to thousands at the Staples Center (mega fangirling).
  6. I’ve decided to try and eat healthier since I didn’t do that at all over the summer. Here are some yummy and healthy breakfast options I’m totally going to try, and here’s why you should too!
  7. Quiz time! I will do anything a quiz tells me to do, but I actually am interested in my result (The Clasp by Sloane Crosley).
  8. Finally, here’s a really great Fall Boot Guide to keep saved in your favorites next time you have a question about what boots to pair with what outfit!

Yours Truly!

Hello lovely reader! To start this off, I’d like to introduce myself. Most people call me by my birth given name, but you can call me B, for short. I study Fashion and Marketing at a small town university, and I am the self proclaimed official white girl. I adore clothing and on any given day, I probably have 87 things in the carts of four different online stores, none of which I will actually purchase due to the current poor college lady life I lead.

I like to think of myself as a classy young lady; however, I am most likely more identified as the captain of the hot mess express, and I’m coming full steam ahead. Isn’t it okay, though, to be a hot mess? After all, I am a twenty something, still in college and trying to figure this crazy thing we call life. I make mistakes, you’ll probably read about them here and I hope you won’t judge me too harshly, dear reader. As I may sometimes lead you to believe, I do not actually know everything; in fact, most days I know nothing and I wonder why I am even here, but that’s okay.

I am oh-so very single and not ever wanting to actually mingle. I’m basically waiting for Prince Charming to ride up and rescue me from the tower. Simultaneously, I am a fierce and independent lady who don’t need no man. I left the tower years ago because I realized no man is going to save me. My fate is in my hands. So there’s that awkward dilemma of where my Prince is supposed to find me, which is why I’m figuring he hasn’t found me yet. I need to buy the poor fellow a GPS. Or maybe get my shit together and figure out my commitment issues? Sigh. You’ll hear a lot about those. Probably more than necessary…

So walk with me reader. Laugh, shop and cry with me, all  as I document the most fruitful and exciting days of my young life. I’ll try to keep you posted and I hope I don’t lose you in the process. Let me know if I do, I love hearing other people’s thoughts and opinions about things!

Yours truly, B.