Wishlist of Apartment Wants!

As I get ready to move to a new home in a new state, I can’t help but want to buy all new decor and things to deck out my new place. While I’m still trying to pinpoint what bedding to buy (I’m going with a duvet, so fancy, amiright?!), I have found a few other things that I’m totally dreaming about for my new apartment.

  1. Cowgirl Lace Mug set by Ree Drummond.

Does anyone else watch Pioneer Woman on FoodNetwork?! Well if you don’t know Ree, she’s a city girl who ended up marrying a farmer and she cooks hearty meals for her family out on the farm. She’s sweet and honest and I was so excited to see she came out with a home line at WalMart. This mug set is only $12 and I could totally see myself sipping hot coffee from these mugs. Plus the color options are great!

2. Floral Placemats at Target

Oh, Target, I do love thee. I also love these coral place mats with yellow accent that will match nicely with my yellow apartment walls.

3. You’re Like Really Pretty Doormat on Etsy

I need this doormat, just for survival purposes. I’m basic, so I obviously quote Mean Girls on the reg, and this is the epitome of perfect.

4. Light Up Letter at Nordstrom

Doesn’t every basic girl need her initials displayed in her room somewhere?! AND WITH LIGHTS?!

5. Smile Throw Pillow at TJ Maxx

Oh, the Maxx, they have the best throw pillows and home decor. I’m totally hitting them up for all my random sit around the house decor. Just like these next few things…

6. Jewel Frame at TJ Maxx

SO cute! I love to have pictures of friends and family sitting around, especially in a new place. This will go well sitting on a bookshelf or desk to display the beautiful faces of my beautiful friends.

7. Feathered Friends Ring Holder at TJ Maxx.

Oh, the Maxx did it again. This adorable ring holder would be so cute to set on a dresser and collect my rings…if only I wore rings…

Reader, do you have any suggestions for home decor stores? Let me know in the comments!

Love, B.

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Here’s my OOTD look for my internship. I’m in love with this Loft blouse and my ankle moto jeggings from American Eagle. I kept it simple with a pair of black flats.I usually wear my hair down, so I was excited to have it styled in a low bun. I definitely felt classy and sophisticated in this OOTD!


Does this make me an almost adult?

I’ve decided to stop shopping at Forever 21.

I know, I know, it’s a sad day. I’m growing up, frolicking off into the grown up lady world where nothing is as cheap as a $4.99 crop top or a $7.99 pair of jeans. For many years, this magical teenage playground was where I would spend hours both online and in store browsing. Dear Reader, you might be asking yourself, why am I shedding my childish fashion lover and replacing it with brands I can’t even afford?

Here’s why.

  1. It’s cheap. By which, I mean, cheap in quality. Having a shirt I can wear once or twice isn’t worth it anymore. I’d rather spend $40 on a shirt and get several wears out of it. As I get older, I’m trying to build my wardrobe for the future, and a top that unravels after one wash just won’t cut it any longer.
  2. Who really wants a $5 crop top with a lion’s head graphic on the front? Or a cheap looking statement necklace that was only $3 and will probably turn any skin it comes in contact with a nice shade of green? I would totally impulse buy at F21, because IT’S ONLY FIVE DOLLARS. Maybe I’ll finally save a few dollars now that I’ve let my favorite store go… (hah!).
  3. Like I said, these clothes are cheap. Which means that the markup is about half the price. Which means the cost of materials and labor, etc. etc. etc. only account for half of the retail price. Workers in third world countries literally make pennies, or less each day. I’d rather support a brand that pays its workers more wages.
  4. I was shopping there recently and a 12 year old was standing next to me. I’m a twenty something shopping for the same fashion pieces as a tween? Moving on.
  5. Years ago, I could shop online at F21 for hours and easily fill up my shopping cart with a dozen things. Now? I literally skim each page with mild interest in any of the pieces. I mean sure, there’s a cute thing here or there, but I no longer hold the adoring zeal of my teen days.

So, Reader, is this it? Am I finally making the jump to the adult world? I’m not 100% sure that I’m ever going to be considered a ‘real’ adult. In fact, I’m still considering watching  a Disney movie tonight, with my cat (and wine!), but I think these are just the small steps on the road to adulthood. It may not happen overnight, but becoming an adult is both scary and exciting, and I can’t wait to see what else is in store for this twenty something’s life.

xoxo, B.