We the People.

I am frustrated.

I am frustrated that our democracy is on the brink of near implosion. I might sound dramatic, but I truly cannot fathom our democracy lasting much longer under these conditions. Come November and December and January, the flaws and holes in our great American government will be fully unveiled for all to see. It’s sad really, that after 244 years, the systems that were built to sustain our nation for many decades to come, are old and creaky and cannot support the bullheaded, insolent figureheads who stand atop it. Our Constitution was written broadly to be interpreted by judges, and to be amended. Our forefathers saw that as time passed and the nation grew and evolved, we would need new laws or amendments to what they had proposed; however, we have only made 27 of them.

I think about that a lot. In 233 years, we have only amended 27 rules. I do not know whether that is a good thing, where our forefathers did a great job of writing the laws that we did not need to amend them? Or is it bad? That in 233 years, we have expanded and evolved so vastly as a nation, yet we still do not consider women equal in the eyes of the Constitution? Yes, the Equal Rights Amendment has still not been passed for those of you who were wondering. And how many years away are we from any BIPOC being considered equal in the eyes of the law? Or for it to be a right to be provided with healthcare? Some days, especially when a young Black woman is murdered in her own home for no reason and her murderers STILL haven’t been rightly charged, yes those days, it feels like it will be many, many years before white and black and brown will be equals.

This is 2020! Not 1820. How have we evolved so vastly in our technology and machinery in 200 years, yet those who speak for us in the government hold ideals that remain largely the same?

We need to vote.

We have submitted the issue to the American People and their will is law.

William Jennings Bryan, conceding to William McKinley, 1896

We are the people and the forefathers chose to unite under a form of government known as a democracy, so the people would choose who governs them. The PEOPLE. Not the figureheads who run the government. Unfortunately, our forefathers did not plan ahead well, leaving large holes in the system, and right now, our bullheaded, insolent figureheads are working together to use those holes to remain in power. They are driven solely by their need for power, not for the needs of the people who elected them, not by the duty to protect us and fight for us. They are not here for us. The are selfish and insolent and do not deserve the right to be leading our country. They will not unite together across the aisle to come together to create a better country for the American People. In fact, they take time to actively go against anything the opposite party supports (looking at both parties here), which has led to issues like climate change and healthcare and COVID to become partisan issues, except these are NOT partisan issues, they are HUMAN issues. Taking climate change for an example, I’m pretty sure just about every one loves to be outside, feel the wind through the trees, feel the ocean crash onto the shore, feel the sun on your face. That’s not just a liberal thing, right? I couldn’t breathe the air in California due to the wildfires that are raging the entire state, does that make me a liberal for believing we can keep sustaining life this way?

Yes, 2020 is a Presidential election year, we all know that. But there are 35 open Senate seats and 435 open House Seats. And locally? I’m sure there are thousands more. Thankfully we don’t need to research to vote for all of those seats, but you need to know who is on your ballot. These people sit in the seats that make decisions for the people. If we don’t take time to research and understand who they are or we just leave the ballot blank, we are helping to undermine the system. So take 20 minutes every day while you eat lunch or breakfast for a week or two and read about who is on your ballot. Or if you have a mail in ballot, sit and research as you go through filling it out. Use the internet! Look up the candidate’s websites, Twitters, see what issues they are or are not posting about. For judges, I use the California Bar Association’s recommendations as a guideline for myself (see if your state’s bar association has one), and decide accordingly. You have hundreds of resources on the little computer in your hand, use it for something other than scrolling through Facebook or Instagram.

I ask all of you, please take the time to research and vote in these upcoming elections. I know it might feel like the word VOTE is being shoved down your throat, but 43% of eligible voters did not vote in 2016. That’s nearly half of the country not showing up to choose who governs them. That is reckless and irresponsible and unacceptable. We have a duty to vote, to elect leaders who will speak for us, fight for us, create and uphold laws that are FOR US.

All 331,002,651 of us.


Sara Ann


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4 thoughts on “We the People.

  1. I am genuinely concerned for election day and the weeks/months following. I’m worried for the country and our democracy. But for now, I do hope everyone takes your advice and gets out there and votes. It’s so frustrating to see statistics like the one you mentioned. Far too many people do not vote!

    1. Yes! It’s been encouraging to see the stats of how many people have already voted for this election, I think I saw 21 million voted already? Hoping people do have voting plans!

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