Oh Where, Oh Where, Did My Money Go?

I really hate my inability to stop spending money. To no one’s surprise, I’ve already broken my spending freeze that I started on Jan 1. What did I buy? A Macbook Air, followed by a pair of pants, sweater, and a skirt.

Did I need any of those things? No, not really.

The only one I could argue would be the laptop, but I truly didn’t ‘need’ it as I might try to explain to you, though I am hoping to get better about posting on here, since I have an actual keyboard for typing. I also wanted to watch the latest episodes of Schitt’s Creek, which I didn’t know how to do on an iPad. Groundbreaking work happening over here, folks!!

My thing is, there’s always something I want and it’s always being shown off to me via social media. I guess I could delete instagram, but that’s no fun. I have actually unfollowed a majority of stores and brands; however, I still follow many blogger/influencers who show me all the cute things they’re buying (erhm, getting sent for FREE, which is a SCAM that I would totally be open to if anyone in a brand’s marketing dept is reading this).

Then there’s the guilt a I feel when someone I was friends with or went to school with starts a boutique or clothing brand and I feel the need to support them and their business. Because #WomenSupportingWomen, y’all!!

How do I stop??! Any advice? Please share in the comments, I’d love to hear how you avoid spending and conscientiously save money.

Much love,


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