Hello Reader!

B! Where have you been? I do apologize for the hiatus. Work got busy, holidays popped up and then I found out I had mono. For those of you who haven’t had mono, please count your lucky stars and swear to me you’ll never kiss anyone or share a drink ever again. It’s truly horrible and I don’t even have a bad case of it. I’m usually in bed by 9, or will have taken at least one cat nap by the time I do get into bed. This is actually normal pre-mono, if you ask anyone that knows me; however, before was by choice, now it’s necessary for survival.

So what’s new with you? Other than having mono? Well reader, it’s winter and cold, so not much. I feel in a rut of sorts, mostly because I don’t do much other than sleep these days. (seriously I can’t even read a book or watch TV without falling asleep). I want to try new things and find the joie de vivre that I used to have. But that’s hard to do when you’re Sleeping Beauty.

Nothing new, at all? Well, I tried starting yoga and I just planted a succulent, so we’ll see how I keep that alive. I’m also trying to cook more, but it’s so hard cooking for one so I normally just make an egg for dinner and call it a day. I’m also learning hand-lettering and I want to start watercolor painting. That’s my issue, I have so many things I want to try and I end up doing none of them. Hold me to something, Reader!!

You should blog more! Yes, Reader, I should. Adding it to the list under, call Grandma more (Ugh, I know, I’m the worst).

How are you, Reader? What’s new with you?

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