A Basic B Abroad: Munich 

Oh, Munich! This place actually might have stolen my heart. We spent 5 days here and while there weren’t as many attractions as our other stops, I found this city to be the best! It was easy to navigate, the people were friendly, and the city was absolutely beautiful. The main reason we stopped here was to go to Oktoberfest, but we also got to tour the Bavarian Alps, and see Dachau, the concentration camp near the city.


We went on the Friday of the 2nd weekend of Oktoberfest (Italian Weekend). I would highly recommend going during the week, or on a Friday. For reference, we got there at 8:30 (Doors to the tents don’t open until 10), but we probably would have been safe getting there before 9:30. It was crowded, but we had no problem getting a place at table in the Hofbrauhaus tent. This tent is quite rowdy; it seemed like most of the American students who were studying abroad wound up here.

Beer is served in a Mass, which is a liter glass, with the equivalent of 4 AMERICAN shots worth of alcohol. My only advice is to PACE YOURSELF. Have a beer, eat a pretzel or sandwich, then maybe have a Radler before your next mass. There are people walking around with foods inside the tents so it’s easy to grab food. It’s cash only too, so make sure you get plenty out before going. For reference, I had about 80 euros with me (and I barely spent any as we ended up at a table with a bachelor party….they bought all our drinks….hehehe).

Also, don’t forget that Oktoberfest is actually a festival. There is also plenty of food and rides outside of the beer tents to enjoy. I would recommend doing the Ferris wheel, as it gives you a great view of the city.

The City of Munich & Beyond

The next day, we explored the city. Marenplatz is the town center, with plenty of churches, restaurants and stores to explore. I think we went there nearly everyday for food. Then on Sunday, we got to take a trip to the Bavarian Alps to see the Neuschwanstein castle, which was Disney’s inspiration for the Beauty and the Beast castle. See photos below.

Finally, on Monday, we went to visit Dachau. I don’t have much to say other than that I will ever forget the feeling in the air at that place. It was hauntingly beautiful as we were there on a balmy 70 day and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, but the atmosphere, it was heavy. I would definitely suggest stopping by, but it’s a bit of a day trip as it’s outside the city.

Tips for Munich

  • Please stay with Laura and Kevin (and Mimi and Cooper!) Laura was THE BEST, seriously I want to be her friend. She gave great tips and advice for what to see and where to go. Plus their place is a quick bus ride away from Marenplatz. Also, coming home after a busy day to see Mimi and Cooper was so great. If you stay with them, please give the cats a scratch for me!
  • If you’re a girl heading to Oktoberfest, stop by Moser Trachten for a traditional Bavarian dirndl. Your dress should hit around your knee, any shorter and everyone will know you’re a tourist. Tie the apron on the right if you’re in a relationship and left if you’re single.
  • Download the MVG Fahrinfo Munchen App and pre-buy your day passes for the buses and trains. This made life SO much easier; although, you don’t have to show your ticket to get on or off the buses…
  • For the tour of the Bavarian Alps, please do book with Mario at Pure Bavaria Tours. He was  fantastic tour guide and we stopped at a cheese farm on the way back home, ugh I still think about that yummy cheese from time to time.
  • On our last night, we ate at hans im glick, a restaurant in Marenplatz. It was  burgers a fries kind of place and after being in Europe for 10 days, it was exactly what I was dying to eat.

And that’s the end of my trip. We flew back to London and then out of Heathrow to the States. I’ll never forget all the amazing things I saw on this trip and I honestly can’t wait to see where I’ll go next…



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