A Basic B Abroad: London 

Last month, I embarked on a 10 day trip abroad to London, Amsterdam and Munich. It was very busy and jam packed with touristy stops, but it was beyond memorable. I’ll be writing a short recap of each city and today I’m starting with my three days in London.

London Bridge

Oh London, such an amazing city, with the perfect mix of old history and modern culture. We stopped by Buckingham palace, Big Ben, Regent Street and took many trips on the tube. While it was awesome to see all the sites, London reminded me of NYC, it was just another city with big buildings and thousands of things to do. I would definitely return if I was ever back in the neighborhood as there were many places I didn’t get to see (Carnaby Street! sketch!).

My favorite part of London was when we had drinks in the bar on top of the Shard. It was a tab minimum of $30 per person to hold the table, but that view was WORTH it. It was a very ‘fluffy’ place so if you’re not into snooty, maybe don’t grab drinks there. There is a viewing room with an admission cost, if you still want to see the incredible view from 72 floors above London.

Other tips:

  • We stayed at “The Wombat,” seriously, nicest hostel ever. We stayed in a six bed dorm and we had our own bathroom and lockers. The breakfast was delicious and there was a storage room to keep our bags after we had checked out. 9/10 would recommend.
  • We went to The Comedy Store Players in Piccadilly Circus; it was an improv comedy show at the comedy club where Mike Meyers started and honestly, I almost died laughing. 10/10 would recommend.
  • Download the metro app to plan out your tube route (seriously a lifesaver). Also if you’re going to be there multiple days, get the day passes, almost always worth it.
  • Pro Tip: When in doubt, find a Starbucks. Seriously, this coffee chain is EVERYWHERE, plus they have free WiFi and bathrooms. Oh, and coffee. What more do you need?

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