I’m #SorryNotSorry.

  1. I find it very important to take personality quizzes, like yes, I need to know what my favorite pizza topping says about my personality. DEAL WITH IT. (I can stand my own ground, or I might be a basic bitch….SPOT ON, PIZZA QUIZ. SPOT ON).
  2. Wine is my best friend, my lover, I might be vinosexual. No, I definitely am.
  3. I drink coffee multiple times a day. I’m a raging toddler without at least one cup of that beautiful smooth liquid gold.
  4. I will binge watch entire seasons of shows in one week because I enjoy tuning out and not thinking. Plus, the plot lines of the shows are more exciting than my actual life. So.
  5. I’m a woo girl. Drunk, sober, any situation, I’m usually going “woooo!”
  6. I will choose to watch a Disney Princess film over most anything else.
  7. I suck at replying to text messages, which I’m not sorry about usually  because I’d rather live my life then be attached to my phone. (for that 5% of the time I’m literally watching Netflix and don’t reply, I am sorry for being a butthead).
  8. I will sing and dance like no one’s watching in my car. My morning commute is a raging dance party.
  9. I’m a cynically hopeless romantic. Does that make any sense? No, but yes.
  10. Last night, I watched Pride & Prejudice, drank pink wine and ate Ben & Jerry’s. I’m a single basic white bitch. Deal with it.

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