Paris Letters: Book Review

Have you ever wished you could quit your job and move to Paris to live the life you’ve always wanted? Well, in Paris Letters, Janice Macleod does just that and takes the reader along for the ride. Her story is inspiring and to be honest, it made me yearn for the world beyond my cubicle…and I’m only just into my work life. The best part of this book is that it isn’t fiction, this story is Macleod’s real life, proving that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.


Paris Letters, Janice Macleod, Buy on Amazon

I picked up this book when I was traveling to Florida; I needed something to leaf through while I was stuck in airport terminals and this was the perfect read. I quickly dove into Janice’s world and I could feel her frustrations with her job. I was inspired by her bold move to Paris, leaving behind the entire life she worked to build. Then, her whirlwind perfect Paris love story made me want to jump on a plane and write my own story. I almost thought this book was fiction, then I found Janice’s blog and realized she was, in fact, real and so was her story.

If you want an inspirational read about grabbing a hold of your life, pick up Eat Pray Love, Wild, or Paris Letters. It will take you to places you dream about and make you want to follow those dreams. Plus, you can check out Macleod’s Etsy Shop and order some Paris Letters for yourself!

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