Still Pending: Things I’m Working on in 2016.

Well, it’s almost the end of January, and 2016 is off to a decent start. I never  posted my resolutions for this year, actually I’m not 100% I ever made any to be honest. I’m putting them here, so it’s more concrete and I can be held accountable for them in some way. And I’ll mention what I’ve done so far in 2016 to keep those resolutions.

Resolution: Get myself into a budget and cut my discretionary spending in half

How’s it going? No comment…

The first thing that happens after you get your first job is you get dollar signs in your eyes, and they stay there awhile. At least, that’s what happened to me. Every two weeks, I get money. Money is great. Money can get my hair dyed, get me cool clothes and new makeup. Money solves everything, right? But then there’s bills, and recently, student loan payments. Money is the worst and it makes everything SUCK.

However, I’ve started trying to not spend as much, which is reeally hard. Like reeally hard. I love shopping, it brings me joy and fulfillment, which is probably something I should address with a therapist, but nuance. I’m trying to budget, I’ve signed up for (which is awesome, if I actually look at the weekly email summary of my spending…). If anyone has any budgeting tips, I’d owe you forever. Literally. Please. Lend some help to a newbie adult.

Resolution: Hit the gym at least three times a week plus cut out all the unhealthy snacking.

How’s it going? I go to the gym 3 times a week! Then I come home and eat 5 cookies…

Getting a gym membership was one of the first adult things I did, and since I’m paying for it monthly, I need to use it or lose it. At least, unlike Netflix, the gym is good for my well-being. Netflix just makes me sad (Grey’s has wrecked me 5ever). I eat salads and veggies and hummus and lentils all the time. Like so much so, people have asked if I’m a vegetarian. But I also made a pan of brownies last Friday and I think I ate 83% of them by Tuesday night. To be fair, pre-Aunt flo, I’m a ravenous bitch for chocolate, which explains the previous sentence, but still. That’s not exactly healthy.

I’m not saying that I’m swearing off donuts forever, because that’s insane and I would expect someone to come find me, slap me and stuff a dozen down my throat. I just want to not eat so unhealthily that it basically cancels even going to the gym.

Resolution: Not watch Netflix every night for multiple hours. Essentially, I’m giving up binging. I want to kick my butt off the couch and get a life (ew).

How’s that going? I just watched Grey’s Anatomy for the past three hours.

Okay. 1. it’s winter, it’s cold, I’ll start being a person with a life when it’s warm and not January. 2. After work + gym, my brain hurts and I just want to zone out for a few hours and not think, is that so much to ask?!

However, by watching Netflix, I’ve gotten so wrapped up in the lives of the doctors at Seattle Grace Hospital that I’m not as interested in my own lame life. DEREK AND MEREDITH ARE COUPLE GOALS AMIRGHT? Plus hot doctors in scrubs. That’s not in my real life. Also, MARK SLOAN DAAANG. So, I booked a flight to Florida and I made plans tonight, with real people. Ugh are you happy?

How about you, Reader, how are your resolutions going? Or like me, have you been avoiding them altogether? Let’s bond over our failures in the comments, or hopefully, your successes!

Love, B.

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