Question for My Followers….

I’m moving and need furniture and I’m debating purchasing from IKEA. Where I’m from, we don’t have IKEA (gasp, I know, I’m so backwoods) so I don’t know about the quality of the furniture. I’ve heard good and bad reviews.  I’m specifically looking for a dresser, which is my main concern, but I’d also like to pick up a desk and nightstands. Keep in mind, I’m a twentysomething so furniture lasting forever isn’t my biggest concern. I am concerned about putting together the furniture because I hear that’s a nightmare.

The alternative is purchasing something brand new at a fancy furniture store ($$$) or buying off Craiglist and DIY revamping it all Pinterest-esque. Either way, I’m spending money, I just didn’t know if I should keep IKEA in the game plan as a possibility.

Let me know in the comments your reviews, suggestions, horror stories, etc.

Thanks a bunch! Love, B.

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