8 Basic Things from this Week (8/29)

  1. In just one week, we will be blessed once again with PSLs, here’s an interesting read on why Starbucks loves us as much as we love their tasty fall beverage.
  2. Marie Claire posted The Kim Kardashian Guide to Taking the Perfect Selfie and it’s important.
  3. Patches, the crossing guard dog, is back for the new school year. Let’s all say AWEH together.
  4. A student was sent home for her WonderWoman lunchbox. I am sick of these schools and their senseless rules.
  5. Even though this was everywhere, (watch it again) Taylor Swift gives an up incoming artist the chance to sing her beautiful song, Smelly Cat, to thousands at the Staples Center (mega fangirling).
  6. I’ve decided to try and eat healthier since I didn’t do that at all over the summer. Here are some yummy and healthy breakfast options I’m totally going to try, and here’s why you should too!
  7. Quiz time! I will do anything a quiz tells me to do, but I actually am interested in my result (The Clasp by Sloane Crosley).
  8. Finally, here’s a really great Fall Boot Guide to keep saved in your favorites next time you have a question about what boots to pair with what outfit!

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