What My Senior Year in College Taught Me

As summer comes to a close and college kids everywhere are heading back to campus, I wanted to reflect back on my last year in college and the things I had learned. I actually learned quite a few things; however, here is a short list of important things that I will always remember.

You have to fight for the things you want.

You want that dream job? What have you done thus far to procure it? Who have you talked to, networked with? Where have you interned, what classes have you taken? I always think of a guy I met once at a networking event. He told me that when he graduated from college, he wanted to work in the NFL. So, he mailed a cover letter and resume to every single team. That’s 32 teams in case you didn’t know. He got a job and has worked in the NFL for several years. If he had sat there wishing for it to happen, it wouldn’t have. He made it happen.

Sometimes during that fight, you will fall on your face.

Actually, you will fall on your face, a lot. It’s tricky, the end of college, a wonderful safety net, and preparing to head out into the big scary world that no one has really told you much about. You will fall down several times, with your face sometimes in a mud puddle. You will question why you should get up and keep studying/keep printing resumes/keep emailing random HR people, but it’s important to drag your sad little self upward and keep going. It’ll all be worth it one day, I promise.

Sometimes you’re not the ‘game changer.’

There are countless chick flicks where the lead male is a playboy bachelor until he meets the beautiful and slightly quirky lead female. He meets her and he wants to be a better person because he knows she deserves better. This does actually happen in real life; however, that doesn’t mean it will happen. Think hard about that bad boy who you would thoroughly enjoy taming, and he doesn’t seem to want to change. He’ll say, ‘you deserve better’ and he means it, he knows that you’re great and you deserve the best, but he doesn’t want to change himself for you. The thing is, one day he’ll meet a girl and he probably will want to settle down for her. Don’t force him if you aren’t his game changer, it’s nothing personal to you, it’s him. Moving on.

If you step out of your comfort zone, you will surprise everyone, including yourself.

I had a sports marketing internship this past year. I worked basketball games, I promoted football games and I found a voice. What experience would this give me related to fashion? Not much, as you would figure. But it did teach me how to be professional, work in a fast paced office environment, and it taught me what I really do want in life… to be in fashion. Stepping out of my comfort zone and my realm of general knowledge was terrifying, but I learned the most about myself and somehow I know I’ll be okay because of the things I learned during my internship.

Sometimes falling in love with your life is the best thing you can do.

I came into senior year with the idea that I had nine months before my ability to get a boyfriend would end. It is true, it probably is much easier to connect with someone in such a limited space. I pictured myself finally nabbing one before the end, and we would live happily ever after. But guess what? I graduated and I’m still single and I couldn’t really care. I learned ( and probably am still learning) to love my life and those around me. I’m becoming more okay with just me. Life is beautiful and if you spend your time wishing it away until your prince comes, you’re going to miss something amazing. Actually probably a lot of amazing.

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