Get to Know Your Blogger: Q&A with B!

Just thought I would do a quick Q&A update, answering all of life’s important questions so my followers can sleep peacefully at night, knowing all there is to know about their favorite basic twentysomething.

Cinnamon rolls or garlic bread? hardest question first? not fair, UHM, cinnamon roll.

Favorite Instagram filter? Valencia

Dream job when you were 5? Fashion designer, I have the folder of sketches to prove it!

Dunkin or Starbucks? Starbucks fo ever.

Perfect outfit for a basic Saturday? oversized tee, statement necklace, skinny jeans with flats or sandals…casual but cute

How do you take your coffee? dark roast with one splenda!

What’s the meaning behind your blog name? Beyond Basic, Life of a Basic B is the title of my autobiography; I’m quite basic and you can call me B.

Star sign? Pisces

Blair or Serena? BLAIR, DUH.

Favorite accessory? a watch! so important; however, I’m still usually 2 seconds late.

Have a glass of wine, what shall I pour you? Barefoot Moscato

Biggest pet peeve? People treating me like I’m incapable of doing something, like I’m an idiot, basically when people are condescending.

Never leave the house without…. Mascara!

Android or Apple? Android

It’s a Monday night, what are you up to? trolling the Internets until the Bachelorette at 8! #FinalThree

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