To my complete strangers-

I read a letter today that was addressed to high school grads who would be entering college. It read, “Ready or not! You are gonna meet people unlike anyone you’ve ever met before from places you have never been before and some of these complete strangers will become fast friends. One might just become your best friend.”

I was lucky to find two strangers. Two random people living a life parallel to mine for 18 years and I had no idea. But God brought us together because he knew we each had something to teach each other. Many things, dozen of things I have learned from you both. I certainly would not be who I am today, without both of you influencing my life.

I wish that we could forever be just a wall apart. I wish that you’ll always come into my room and plop down on my bed. I don’t know why you both like my bed so much, but I would let you take naps in it everyday and sleep in it every night if it meant we could still be together forever. I would never touch the thermostat again, leaving it forever at 86 degrees if we didn’t have to leave each other in five days. I don’t want to drink tea alone or watch the Kardashians alone. I want my two best friends right next to me.

What do I do without you next to me?

I kept reading the letter to the high school seniors, hoping the author told them the secret about the end of college. The secret to leaving these strangers. He didn’t mention it, I think, because you aren’t supposed to leave them. While they might not be right next to you, they will be with you forever in your heart.

You will be forever with me, in my heart. You’re part of who I am, the person I am today has pieces of you and you have pieces of me. We will forever be connected because of these pieces. And no matter where we go in life, these pieces from each other will always be with us, reminding us of one another. Then we’ll call, and we’ll write. We’ll make plans to visit. You can call me after a bad day and I’ll call you when I see a tabloid at the store with a new photo of Bruce.

And we’ll make it. Life is scary and exciting and terrifying and thrilling and it’s meant to be shared with people you love. With people who are forever in your heart. Life will go on and so will we.

Together or not, we’ll always be friends and I will forever cherish every moment we had in these last four years. I used to believe in that quote, “Don’t say goodbye, because goodbye means forever.” I don’t anymore. You see, I want to say goodbye because you know what comes after a goodbye? A hello, when you see each other again.

Lou you forever,

your fellow swqueeenior,



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