The Best Things in Life, According to B.

The first sip of coffee in the morning. Finding a new song that makes you dance. Finding a new song that makes you feel like the artist looked into your soul and just, got it. Poems about love.The feeling of warmth on your face from the sun, after a long and cold winter. The sound of laughter from someone who has sadness in their eyes.The pure bliss of waking up without an alarm, without anywhere to be. Forehead kisses. Trying on a pair of pants that are a size too small, and they fit. Laughing until there are tears in your eyes and you might have peed a little bit. Sitting comfortably in silence with someone. Glitter. Butterflies in your stomach for the first time. The endless possibilities of a blank canvas. Home. Hot pizza. Sweatpants after a long day. Fresh sheets. A hot cup of tea. The unlimited possibilities that are in front of you when one chapter ends and another begins.

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