Cinderelly, Cinderelly…

Cinderella has always been my favorite Disney Princess. Her story has always been my least favorite. In case you weren’t aware, the jist of her story is that she has a horrible life and in the end, a man saves her from her horrible life, giving her a castle and a crown. And they lived happily ever after. As a modern young woman, that makes me want to pull out my hair and scream. Why couldn’t she have left her step mother and started a life for her own independent fabulous self? I don’t know, open a shoe store in town or something!

This weekend, I went with my friend to see the new Cinderella movie. First, let me say, if you haven’t seen it yet, make your way to a theater. Unlike the other new live action classic Disney tales, this storyline follows the classic film exactly. I was hoping for some wonderful Maleficient adaption because I love when directors/writers/producers take the movie and make it their own. This new Cinderella movie still made me leave the theater in amazement. It also made me understand why I love the story of Cinderella so much.

She was kind and had a good heart. She worked hard and always put others before herself, whether it was a mouse or a member of her horrible step-family. She believed in love and kindness and saw the world as it could be. And in the end, she fell in love with someone who didn’t care about what she was, a commoner. She stood as a maid, proud of who she was and courageously asked the Prince if he would take her as she was. He looked at her and only saw her beautiful and kind heart, which is something I only hope to find in my own life. I firmly believe that Cinderella is an excellent example of the kind of wonderful human being we should all strive to be.

Who’s your favorite Princess? Anyone else love this movie?!

Stay kind, Reader.

Love, B.

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