That One Time I Gave Myself a Virtual Nose Job

Happy Monday Reader!
For the past month, I have been undertaking a daunting task. No, it has nothing to do with the title of this post, but it actually has everything to do with this title. Let me explain.
Reader, I was bored with my Facebook profile picture. You know that feeling, it’s been up for months and there haven’t been any new likes and it’s old and you need to freshen things up. I like to think of it as a rebirthing of sorts. You post it, people like it and comment on it and, don’t you dare deny it, you feel so (shallow) wonderful and confident!
I took selfies any chance I got that I looked moderately presentable. If you saw my camera roll, you’d be either be impressed or judging me for the amount of pictures of myself I had taken in the last week. But alas, one magical day, I swiped on some red lipstick and knew it was game time (que ‘Style’ by Taylor Swift). After capturing a few dozen photos, I set out to edit one or two. Reader, you’d either be impressed or judging me for the amount of photo editing apps one of my picture goes through before I post it.
One app in particular is similar to photoshop. Now, I believe that photoshop is awful and in Hollywood can have negative affects on us mere mortals in normal society. But this app is magical! It’s called FaceTune and you can smooth skin, whiten teeth, and reshape/resize your face.
Here, I will admit, I do think I am pretty. I have dainty features; small mouth, cute almond eyes, tiny teeth all of which is ruined by my nose. When I look in the mirror it’s all I can see. I’ve always hated it, mostly the tip which is just fat and round and awful and sort of comes to a point like a beak. I have a bump on the bridge of my nose which is something I’ve come to love, but I haven’t been able to accept the rest of my nose.
Enter FaceTune. Yes, I reshaped my nose to make it more suitable for my personal tastes.

2015/01/img_0274.jpgHere’s the two pictures, on the left is the unedited picture and on the right is the edited picture. It’s probably hard for you to tell but I can immediately see that the nose in the right picture is more of the nose I’ve always wanted.
But which picture did I post on Facebook?
I chose to post the unedited picture; although, I’d be lying if I said that my hand didn’t hover over the edited one for a few seconds. I don’t want to be a hypocrite and I would have been if I had posted the nosejob selfie. I’m one of those, ‘beauty is on the inside, who cares about what you face looks like!’ harpies, so I’d be lying to not only the world, but also myself if I posted that picture. I’d rather be real and genuine than post a false picture of myself. Plus I would have hated myself every time I got on and saw the false image.
The unedited picture I posted has gotten a considerable amount of likes and comments about my appearance. I guess maybe, my awful nose isn’t that noticeable to anyone else. Maybe most of the time, we’re the only ones who can see the ugly parts of ourselves. And maybe, those ugly parts are just part of our imaginations and they’re not so ugly after all.

Reader, have you ever heavily edited a picture of yourself? I hope you haven’t, and I hope you love every part of yourself.

Love, B.

2 thoughts on “That One Time I Gave Myself a Virtual Nose Job

  1. I’ve been staring at the two pictures for like 10 minutes and am hard pressed to find a true difference. But like somehow I still lIke the first one better…

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