What’s So Great About Her?

“I’m not as pretty as her”

“She’s so skinny, look at her thigh gap. I wish my thighs didn’t touch, she’s perfect.”

“Look at all those guys around her, slut.”

I’m calling out my sex for their horrible habits. For one thing, we constantly compare ourselves to other women. Why? Why do we have nothing better to do than sit around and pick at other people’s imperfections/perfections? Does it matter if I have a thigh gap? Does it matter that the girl next to me has long and toned legs while the next girl has a large chest? Oh, but it gets worse. Once we’ve picked out how they’re better than us, we complain to the nearest female about it.


I feel like our culture has programmed us to spend more of our time focusing on other people and their appearance or lives rather than focusing on our own. Imagine if we channeled the energy we usually used for judging and gossiping about others into our own work, personalities or relationships. I bet we’d get a lot more accomplished and our personalities would rock. We wouldn’t have time to be judgmental jerks. And I bet we’d all have higher self esteems if instead of judging each other, we congratulated each other.

Let’s start celebrating other women and their bodies and personalities and hair and faces and curves and lack of curves and talents and skills and everything. Why is it impossible for us to step out of the race of being the best female alive and work together on finishing the race?

I wish it were that simple, I really do. Reader, I want to make a promise to you, that I will try my very darnest not to judge anyone, especially other women. Reader, I hope that you can do the same. If a mean thought pops into your head about another female, stop and look at her and try to pick out something good, like she has really cute shoes! Then try and tell her that exact thought. Maybe it will help encourage her to support other women. And maybe, just maybe, we can stop judging each other and create something beautiful.

Stay beautiful!

Love, B.

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