Favorites of the Week.

1. Taylor Swift

tumblr_nfzgslWikh1t08kcso1_1280Can we all agree that Taylor is flawless? Like, I’m over Beyonce, the new Queen has arrived. She’s so happy like living life with her friends and fans, it’s basically infectious. She’s taking hold of her life and romanticizing it without a guy and I just want that. She’s an inspiration. Plus she looked kick ass at the VS Fashion Show… Taylor, what is your leg workout routine? Please help us mere mortals.

2. December

GUYS. Did you hear, it’s December! I know I know, it happens every year but it means I can finally skip around singing Christmas carols and decorating everything and making cookies and drinking wine and just so many festivities! I LOVE DECEMBER.

3. Fall Semester

I just finished my last class of the semester today, which means I almost officially have one semester left of my college career. Am I excited? Am I nervous? I have no idea. Just none. All of the above. No more sitting in Starbucks for 5 hours trolling Facebook, not wearing a bra and drinking $5 coffee. You know? Like I want life but I’m also not ready to leave this lazy world behind.


It’s December (like I said…) and I just want coziness all the time. ALL. THE. TIME. So after I drink my daily coffee, I start on tea. I’m all on green tea right now in addition to my chamomile at night. I just can’t think of anything better than snuggling under a blanket and drinking some tea. Add Hulu/Netflix and it’s the perfect night.

5. Red.

I want a red sweater, a red dress, red lips. I want everything to be red. I don’t know if it’s an empowered thing or I’m feeling oddly confident. I definitely think it’s a power statement that’s bursting to get out. I go through phases of only wanting things in a certain color from season to season, but now it’s red and it’s borderline an attention grabbing confidence stunt.

Darling, I’ll be back next week when I’m not stressing about finals slash end of the semester projects slash college ending.

Just know that I do miss you and you can follow my Instagram account if you really miss me.

Love, B.

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