10 Reasons I’m Actually a Cat

  1. Sometimes people generally just annoy me. So I go off and glare at them from a distance, pretending to sleep.
  2. Other times, I’m super affectionate and won’t leave people alone. That’s, like, kind of rare though.
  3. I become more mellow and playful under the influence. (I don’t have catnip, but wine is great).
  4. I am territorial, especially of my favorite humans.
  5.  I am a fan of seafood. What is better than a heaping plate of shrimp and crab and lobster and salmon??? YUMMM!!!
  6.  My favorite activity is laying in the sunshine and drifting off to sleep.
  7. Next to perching myself somewhere up high and silently judging all those who walk past. Or you know, sitting in the local Starbucks and judging passerbys.
  8. I can become easily distracted by shiny things and will forget all other things and people in the pursuit of said shiny object.
  9. I am usually picky about most things, food, events, details, etc.
  10. I am a great hunter…. of bargains and deals when I go shopping, but my cat like reflexes make it much easier to snatch up those boots that are finally on sale and I’ve been dying to have…

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