Struggles of the Modern Twenty-Something.

Bars suck.

No, have you ever been a single, twenty-something in a bar? If you answered yes to this question, then you know my pain. If you answered no, well then Reader, let me paint you a picture…

You’re in a bar with your best girlfriends, the music’s beat is pounding in your ears, sending vibrations through your whole body. The alcohol has taken hold of your control and you can’t help but swaying your body from the left to the right. A smile creeps up on your face, you can’t remember a better time when you were so happy and carefree. You let out a laugh and throw your head back, feeling your hair swish against your back. The air feels good against your hot back, when did it get so hot in here? You think for a moment about your hair that you spent an hour straightening, but then you quickly forget because you don’t really care. You’ve never felt so free and alive.

This is basically what my friends and I look like.

Through the haze of smoke and bad decisions, you meet the stare of a cute guy.  He smirks at you as he sips his beer, clearly he finds you and your friends white girl dancing to be endearing. You keep an eye on him, he’s chatting with his buddies, but he keeps glancing over your way. You catch his eye again, he looks you up and down, seemingly taking in your swaying body. Clearly, he’s interested.

Now, there are three ways to end this story, all three have happened to me in one night…

A.  He turns back to his girlfriend. He continues to keep an eye on you throughout the night.

B. He walks straight over your way, to your beautiful best friend, introducing himself.

C. He never comes over cause he doesn’t have a pair of balls. Or he has a great seat at the bar to watch the football game on the TV.

Guys suck, bars suck, and it’s become clear that my heart of ice isn’t thawing out anytime soon.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Reader. I hope yours was more fun than mine…

Love, B.


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