I ain’t no stick figure silicone Barbie doll

First, let me say that ‘All About that Bass’ has me dancing all over the place. Next, let me say why I love it even more than the catchy beat and fun lyrics.

It outwardly stands against society’s ‘Barbie Doll’ image that little girls are learning to conform to. Meghan Trainor stands up against those ‘skinny bitches’ and tells us it’s okay to have a little bit of booty. She even calls out the use of Photoshop, stating how it isn’t real. This weekend I was at a community event and little girls were dancing and singing every lyric to this song. Granted, there’s a bit of swearing that I would rather a child not hear, but overall, I agree with her lyrics and her stance against society.  I think it’s great that younger girls are hearing this message.

However, a good friend of mine was mildly offended at the song’s lyrics, saying that she, as a skinny girl with no curves, felt that the song was saying she wasn’t good for boys who wanted to hold some booty at night. I do see how these lyrics could come off as skinny shaming. I reminded my friend of this section of the lyrics…

Go ahead and tell them skinny bitches that
No I’m just playing. I know you think you’re fat
But I’m here to tell ya
Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top

She makes a reference to skinny bitches, but states ‘I’m just playing’ and precedes to assure even the skinny girls (who ultimately think they are fat) that they are perfect. As a size 2, I was not at all offended and I 100% think there should be more songs/ads/movies/shows/etc. supporting the idea that women’s bodies are ‘perfect from the bottom to the top.’ So I applaud you, Meghan Trainor, keep doing your thang, pretty lady!Reader, what do you think? Does this song send a positive message?

Love, B.


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