Mark Manson for the Win.


Recently, a friend posted an article on Facebook that caught my eye. It was titled, ‘Fuck Yes or No’ by Mark Manson. I read it and I couldn’t help but scream, “Fuck YES!”

This article is all I’ve ever wanted and needed in life. As a society, we are so wrapped up in deciphering the opposite sex and whether or not they are really into us. I think we should write Manson’s Law of “Fuck Yes or No” in all of the school books to be taught for the rest of our human days. Or at least, until people calm down and dating is no longer as complicated. 

From now on, I’ll most definitely use this method concerning most aspects of my life, especially my romantic prospects. I’m just hoping that maybe one day, someone screams, “Fuck Yes!” about me…

Love, B.

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