First Week Recap!

Oh my goodie! I cannot believe it’s already LABOR DAY WEEKEND! (gasp!)

What happened this week in my life? Quite a bit actually! For one thing, classes started back up this week and I only have to go to three of them, the other two are online. I have a lot of reading to do, not that I’ve done it yet… oops. I’m taking a textile quality class, a finance class and a class about advertising which I’m so stoked about. I just love both of my majors. Like, my fashion courses are a breeze and my marketing ones are so interesting. It’s like YES I understand this, it excites me and gives me a passion for life! Viva la marketing!

Also, I started my marketing internship this week, and it was pretty awesome! My boss complimented my writing and she said everything I wrote was perfect (I wrote some emails and a letter. oh, and inserted something into a press release). I also started writing some Facebook and Twitter posts, which she didn’t see before I left, so I have no idea if those were good or not. Here’s one of my outfits that I wore to my internship, if you didn’t already see it on the Instagram (Follow Here!). It was so cute and comfy! OOTDDNow I definitely need to go shopping for some more ‘business casual’ outfits. I will definitely be hitting up those Labor Day sales this weekend! 

Finally, I just received a book in the mail about Adobe Illustrator and I’m hoping to teach myself some basics about the program in order to be more prepared for any future jobs. I have a feeling this semester is going to be quite busy. For now, I’m going to dance to ‘Shake It Off’ and enjoy the sunshine.

Reader, enjoy this weekend! I hope it’s full of sunshine and good times and maybe it’ll be so awesome, that you put your phone down for, like, five minutes…

Stay beautiful! Love, B.

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