A Note to Two Important People.

Dear N&K,

I hope you guys made it to the beach and that you are having a fun time! I miss you both already and I haven’t stopped talking about you and your crazy shenanigans. I probably won’t stop anytime soon either. You two gave me a summer to remember. Not that our other four summers weren’t as memorable, but during this one, I feel like I got to know each of you as a person. I truly got to know and understand the very separate personalities that you both have. While you have many differences, I noticed one thing that you both have- a lively spirit for those things that you are each passionate about. You also still have an innocence about you, because the world hasn’t turned you hard yet. I hope and pray you never lose those things.

It was truly amazing to watch you both grow up and I cannot wait to meet the amazing people that you are becoming. Helping you walk down the road to becoming those people is something I’ll never forget. You taught me many things during our five summers together, mostly about patience. I also learned that end of a really fun day is the messiest and that sometimes it’s best to be goofy because you’ll most certainly have a smile on your face. I still haven’t learned how to use a can opener, but I’ll certainly think of you (silently judging me but opening the can for me anyway) whenever I open cans of food from now on.

I hope you think of me when you braid your hair or when Princess Peach bumps into you, knocking you out of 1st place on Mario Cart. And yes, I do have a special place in my heart for you and your family, even for Bandit. You took my hand and showed me it’s okay to be a little bit crazy.

And for that, I’ll always love you all.

Good luck with this year and don’t be worried. I know that you both can do anything if you set your mind to it.

Love, B.

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