Songs for Dancing.

Five songs I can’t stop singing and rocking out to. Here they are because I know you all care.

1. Shower Becky G.

This song is the epitome of crappy pop music, which just happens to be the genre that is the soundtrack to my whole life. As much as I tried to hate this, my inner white girl couldn’t help but dance like a madman when it was played. It does remind me of when I have a crush and he makes me smile and sing poppy love songs at every moment of the day. I feel ya, Becky G.

(p.s. Nice product placement, CoverGirl. Like it wasn’t obvious or anything).

2. Somebody to You, The Vamps + Demi Lovato

Do you know what  I adore more than anything? Boy Bands that sing crappy pop music. I was an original Backstreet girl and before that, I adored Hanson (MmBop was my four year old jaam!). The Vamps are basically One Direction but from Australia, right? I don’t know their names or their life stories because I’m not that much of a creep, but I know I love this song. Like, if it was sung to me, I’d probably smile for once and possibly consider dating the guy who sung it to me. B0y BaNdz 4 Lyfe.

3. A Town Called Paradise, Tiesto & Zac Barnett

I’m in college and I can already hear the remixed dance version playing in a bar. I can also already see my semi drunk self swaying off beat to this song, probably spilling my drink. It happens, it’s fine.

(Note: I am not  that girl who spills her drinks. I paid $8 for that, you better believe I’m cherishing every sip).

4. Birthday, Katy Perry

Okay okay, this song is totally about birthday sex and I was rocking out to it for a solid coupla days before I realized the subtext of the song. But that doesn’t mean I can’t shamelessly rock out to it whenever it comes on the radio. Katy Perry is the queen of crappy pop music and as a certified white girl, we are required to dance to her music. It’s like wired in our brains.

5. Bang Bang, Jessie J, Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande

This song makes me dance all over the place. I love when multiple female pop stars get together for a song, it makes me cry tears of joy. I don’t even want to know what this song is about because I only know the words Bang Bang, and that’s all I need to know. I’m basically too busy dancing when this song comes on to even sing along. It’s fine.

Bonus: Ghost, Ella Henderson

Ella, I’ve never heard of you, but I literally love this song. It has a certain soul that reminds me of Christina, but it’s youthful at the same time. I think it’s just about a guy who’s trying to get over his girlfriend, because he’s haunted by the memory of her. Or he killed her and is haunted by her ghost? This is why I don’t interpret songs, I just obnoxiously dance to them.

Keep dancing, darling!

Love, B.

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