Update on life.

Dear reader,

I am officially a college senior (a lie, I’ve been one since January, credit-wise). I’ve been home for a week now and I am not as crazy as I thought I would end up, though it’s only been a week.

On Monday, I got my wisdom teeth out and by Thursday I was headed to a Steve Moakler concert in the city, where I met Steve Moakler afterward. Friday, I started reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. I have just finish tearing through it and I am not okay. I highly recommend it.

I’ve decided to compile a list of things to accomplish this summer, small goals really. I’d thought I set them in stone so to speak by posting them on here (I’m waiting for my audio book to download, to be honest).

  1. Speaking of reading, I want to read more. I love to read and since I’ve been in college, I’ve lost the time and energy to pleasure read. For three months, I plan on doing just that. I also want to challenge myself, mentally. While I will never not read the hopeless love novels of a certain Nicholas Sparks, I want to read works of other authors like F. Scott Fitzgerald or Jane Austen. And it’s okay if I get halfway into a book and I don’t like it. I will allow myself to move on and not waste my life reading something that’s not worth my time and attention.
  2. I also want to read the Bible. The only book I’ve had all my life that I’ve barely touched. Catholic curse.
  3. Last summer I had two jobs and I had no time. This summer I’m only working one because I craved the time I had lost working the other job. So I want to make the most of my time this summer, especially since it’s probably my last before I officially enter adult world. Sigh, scream, moan, cry, beat head off wall.
  4. Teach myself to be more positive and an overall good human being. I am not currently and I want to be. The people in my life deserve someone who’s sweet and loving, not shallow and dried up inside. Perhaps a referral to number 2?
  5. Stop using shampoo.
  6. Write on here more. Creative writing fuels the brain.
  7. Draw more as well. I used to ooze with the creative juices. College has wrung me dry.
  8. Spend time with family, while they’re here. While I’m here.

That’s all I’ve got for now, dear reader. Plus, my audio book is almost done. I’m curious, audio books…. I’ve never done it before. So strange…


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