They’re Real!


They’re Real! Mascara

Every woman who has ever been on a hunt for the most absolutely perfect mascara needs to look no further. It’s been discovered. They’re Real! Mascara by Benefit has to be one of the best mascaras I’ve ever used. It’s the perfect amount of volume and definition for that perfect lash blast look. It makes my eyes pop and I can’t even tell you how many compliments I’ve received since beginning to use it.

There’s one minor drawback, which is that it’s really hard to get off. I mean, I need to use eye makeup remover and scrub it off. Which could be considered a good thing I guess, but after a long night, it’s sort of annoying.  Overall, I plan on using this mascara until the day I die, which says a lot considering the number of mascara tubes I have carelessly tossed to the side after no results. Oh, and it’s only $23, which may be steep for some, but it’s completely worth it!!

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