it’s going down, I’m yelling TINDER

So, my roommate and I had a brilliant idea the other day….to download Tinder (….don’t judge! Just trying to be more exciting and spontaneous for Pete’s sake)! First we downloaded it and it was so much fun swiping through the pictures, “left left left left, oh look at him, okay right! oh wait, that’s actually not him in that group shot of 20 people, left...” It’s exciting and hilarious to come across people you know or have seen in classes. It’s also super gratifying to swipe right and have a match like, “Someone thinks I’m cute!!!!” As a girl who has somewhat lower self esteem, it was so thrilling to get matches.

If you’ve used Tinder, you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t used Tinder, I honestly don’t know what to recommend. If you’re in the market for love, why not?! Most guys are just looking for a hookup, so it’s kind of weird. But when it really gets weird? When you have a match and they message you….and they genuinely want to talk because they want a relationship. Then you just feel like a tease. I also found it seemingly awkward that even though I was talking to a guy, he could have been messaging three or four other girls at the same time (How do I know this? Because I was messaging four guys at once…). I know I watch the Bachelor, but I don’t want a Bachelor-esque relationship.

I have since deleted it because I personally am not exactly in the market right now, so I’m avoiding guys who want to talk to me. Leading people on is not cool. I did make a friend in the short time I was on there, he’s super nice and I would genuinely like to get to know him because I like meeting new people and making friends. Would I date him? Not sure, I don’t know him very well and like I said, I’m not exactly putting myself on the market. What I do know is that Tinder was fun and exciting, but I’m looking for something that’s more fun and won’t leave me dodging creepy guys. So ladies, think twice before you download this app, and proceed with caution. (But it is really fun!)

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