5 goals for 2014

  1. smile more. why be sad when I can be happy? plus smiles are infectious so perhaps someone else will get happy too.
  2. read more. and not Nicholas Sparks mush but actually intellectual books, something and anything that will stimulate my brain and take me on adventures.
  3. Stop looking for love like a lost puppy. Focus on God’s love and it’ll be enough. Promise.
  4. look past people’s faults. find the patience to go deeper and see the good that in them somewhere. I’m sure it has to be there somewhere, God loves them for a reason, right? (adding into this, less judgement. I only hope that people don’t point out my flaws upon meeting me. I’ll try to do the same since I’m in no place to judge).
  5. spend more time in the moment and less time on my phone slash computer slash any and all electronic devices. They won’t love me but the people I’ve been ignoring 80% of the time still might.

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