Yours Truly!

Hello lovely reader! To start this off, I’d like to introduce myself. Most people call me by my birth given name, but you can call me B, for short. I study Fashion and Marketing at a small town university, and I am the self proclaimed official white girl. I adore clothing and on any given day, I probably have 87 things in the carts of four different online stores, none of which I will actually purchase due to the current poor college lady life I lead.

I like to think of myself as a classy young lady; however, I am most likely more identified as the captain of the hot mess express, and I’m coming full steam ahead. Isn’t it okay, though, to be a hot mess? After all, I am a twenty something, still in college and trying to figure this crazy thing we call life. I make mistakes, you’ll probably read about them here and I hope you won’t judge me too harshly, dear reader. As I may sometimes lead you to believe, I do not actually know everything; in fact, most days I know nothing and I wonder why I am even here, but that’s okay.

I am oh-so very single and not ever wanting to actually mingle. I’m basically waiting for Prince Charming to ride up and rescue me from the tower. Simultaneously, I am a fierce and independent lady who don’t need no man. I left the tower years ago because I realized no man is going to save me. My fate is in my hands. So there’s that awkward dilemma of where my Prince is supposed to find me, which is why I’m figuring he hasn’t found me yet. I need to buy the poor fellow a GPS. Or maybe get my shit together and figure out my commitment issues? Sigh. You’ll hear a lot about those. Probably more than necessary…

So walk with me reader. Laugh, shop and cry with me, all  as I document the most fruitful and exciting days of my young life. I’ll try to keep you posted and I hope I don’t lose you in the process. Let me know if I do, I love hearing other people’s thoughts and opinions about things!

Yours truly, B.

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